4K Sport Camera GoPro Hero 4 [UHD + WaterProof]

If you are really an action freak, this product will make you go craze today. With advanced technologies in place, the video resolution and clarity are shooting higher day-by-day. Right from Smartphones to TV’s and cameras are never an exception.

  • In that sense, sport cameras are now 4K supported. GoPro has the best selling camera models on the market and if you are expecting for a high quality sport camera then you can go for GoPro Hero 4.


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This is also a waterproof sport camera that you can take up to 40 meters inside the water without any issues.

Resolution and Capture Quality.

This is a 4K resolution camera that means Ultra High Definition (UHD) video – its double the best quality when compared to HD (actually, it’s 2K). The video comes to cinema quality and it can capture action moments in a more better way compared to normal HD cameras.gopro-hero4

It has the special slow motion capture (at the rate of 240 fps) which will be helpful in capturing high speed action sequence (esp. when you are driving or jumping from heights).

The photo camera’s resolution goes up to 12 MegaPixel and you can set it to perform auto-capture (with time intervals configurable between 1/2 to 1 minute or continuous photo up to 30 seconds).

The camera’s night mode works great on darker environment especially, if you use the camera during early morning or late evenings.

Connectivity and Editing Software.

This GoPro Hero 4 sport camera has mini USB port. You can connect any standard mini USB cable for charging. You can also connect it to your Laptop for file management: playback videos, copy files and also, for charging.

It also has mico HDMI port and hence you can connect this sport camera to your LED TV or LCD TV for better viewing experience. However, the HDMI playback is up to 1080p resolution only.gopro-hero4-ports

The micro SD card memory can be expandable up to 64 GB.

You also get a free copy of GoPro Studio software and an App. You can manage the cameras content from this software. You can also control or operate the camera remotely using the App.

  • The GoPro App is available on all the 3 major stores: Apple store, Play store, Windows store.

It has built-in mic which captures audio reducing the external disturbances, it also has an integrated ADC and hence you can also connect an external mic to it.

You can also find what the customers are saying about GoPro Hero 4 after using it.

Technical Specification of GoPro Hero 4.

  • Video quality up to 4K pixels (30 to 24 frames per second)
  • Maximum resolution up to 3840×2160 and minimum of 848×480
  • Supports MP4 video format and H.264 format
  • Photo capture up to 12 MegaPixel (minimum 5 MegaPixel)
  • White Balance, ISO limiting, Sharpness, Exposure control etc.
  • Night mode, Time Lapse Mode, Night Lapse Mode, Multi-shot mode etc.
  • Charging via USB
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • micro HDMI port
  • Internal Mic (mono), External Mic (stereo)
  • micro SD card expandable up to 64 GB
  • GoPro App for all major stores + Editing Software FREE

Video Review.

Watch the below un-boxing video to understand more about this 4K sport camera.

Yet another video review which helps you to get started in using the camera.

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