About Joodio

Joodio.com is the fast growing gadgets blog and a hobby mobile Apps development firm. We are expertise in delivering simple and innovative Android Apps which has high demand in the market. We work based on the market demand and primarily, what people want.

As of today, our Android Apps are downloaded 2,00,000+ times and average they are all rated 4.0+ stars on the Google Play Store. Our business model is freemium: we do market research, come up with sparking ideas, develop simple and quality Apps that solves user problems. All ours Apps are free-to-download from the stores, we also have paid version of the Apps.

Currently, we are mainly focused on the Android Market that has 75% of market share and it is expected to remain dominating the mobile OS market in terms of volume.

Back in 2011, Joodio was founded by Ven Tesh. I am a technology enthusiast and also, a software developer. Joodio is my passionate journey on exploring latest gadgets and interesting news around the web. I started my online career as a blogger. Later, I started Android App development and also, WordPress plugins. Till date I am “working part-time” on all my online projects.

The aim of Joodio blog is to constantly publish interesting news and feature reviews of latest gadgets coming up in the market.