XBOX 720 vs Playstation 4 – Microsoft seeks to knock Sony out with the new XBOX 720!

Hardcore gamers are in for a delicious treat! XBOX 720 code-named Durango is going to bring some brilliant new features into the living room! Kicking off the game fest is the integration of Kinect with every unit of the XBOX. The motion sensing hardware is no longer optional as it was with the XBOX 360. Warming up[…]

New Blackberry Z10 The Rebranded SmartPhone With Blackberry 10 OS?

Research In Motion or RIM has been rebranded as Blackberry.  They recently unveiled two new smartphones running on Blackberry 10 Operating System. One of them, named , has touch screen display and the other model Q10 is equipped with physical keyboard. Z10 is measured 4.2 inches and Q10 model has a length of 3.1 inches.[…]

How Google Glass Works ? And Introduction To Google Glass Features

This technology is existent in hearing aids but was never used as an information relaying device with both audio and visuals for the wearer. The Glass works much like City Lens in Nokia’s Lumia series, overlaying augmented reality data about the user’s surrounding that is supplied by Google’s own sat nav (satellite navigation) data. As[…]

Apple into Gaming Sector

Apple into Gaming Sector, a Threat to Newells Valve and Other Gaming Companies

With Apple’s incredible success in the smartphone, tablet and music sectors, the game sphere is now edgy about the Cupertino based organization’s potential foray into TV gaming. While Apple  has shown absolutely no inclination towards gaming now or in the near future, companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Valve continue to be on their toes[…]

papertab tablet pc

Upcoming Innovative Gadgets That You Love To Buy in 2013

Gadgets, technology, gizmos are constantly evolving. Today it supports 3G, tomorrow 4G. In the span of a decade mobile phones have evolved to become touch interface smart phones with Voice Support features like Siri. Storage has increased to support data in terabytes today from megabytes yesterday. In some cases, gadgets have gone a complete makeover[…]

New Samsung Tablet Code Named as Roma

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Roma Features and Rumours

Nothing stays quiet in today’s world with so much anticipation and excitement over each new gadget release! We have the celebs of cyberspace in smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, cameras, PCs and a host of other devices. And like our real life celebrities, the electronic media (read blogs) closely follows gadget manufacturers for updates, breaking news,[…]