Steve Jobs Movie Official Trailer 2015

The official trailer for Steve Jobs movie is out.

This movie is scripted by Aaron Sorkin who worked for many of the famous movies including: The Social Network and The West Wing.

This is a movie based on the Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. The Actor Michael Fassbender is on the leading role and its directed by Danny Boyle.steve-jobs-156930_640

Looks the official movie release date is on October 9th, 2015.

Other casts includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels. The music is composed by Daniel Pemberton.

The movie is expected to cover across the 16 Years of Steve Jobs life. I hope, it may show the greatest launches of Macs, iPhones etc.

The movie will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

Watch the official trailer of “Steve Jobs” movie and enjoy !

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Apple iPad Mini Stops From Apple Store, Go For iPad Mini 2 and 3

Your favourite iPad Mini from Apple is no longer listed on the Apple’s website for sale. This is one of the affordable iPad for those who were not willing to go for the real iPad, launched during the end of year 2012. There was a continuous price drop for iPad Mini ranged from $299 to $249, with the introduction of newer versions like iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 over a period of time.

According to 9to5Mac, iPad Mini has quietly disappeared from Apple’s website and no longer listed for

Whereas, iPad Mini will be still available from other third-party resellers like: Walmart, Amazon etc. until they run out of stock.

You may get it for even lesser price, [amazon_link id=”B00GRACUXM” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]check it here[/amazon_link].

Interestingly, Apple has settled down with only the 64-bit processors now without an iPad Mini. This also helps App developers to have their Apps easily compatible across iPad devices.

  • As a note, iPad Mini came with A5 processor (runs on iOS 6).
  • The screen size measures 7.9 inches and its famous for the ~10 hours battery life.
  • It had a lesser RAM memory of 0.5 GB only. It has a non-retina based display and backed with PowerVR Graphics processor.
  • The rear camera works on 5 MegaPixel resolution and the display goes up to 1024×768 pixels.

Of course, you still have the choice left with: iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3.

XBOX 720 vs Playstation 4 – Microsoft seeks to knock Sony out with the new XBOX 720!

Hardcore gamers are in for a delicious treat! XBOX 720 code-named Durango is going to bring some brilliant new features into the living room! Kicking off the game fest is the integration of Kinect with every unit of the XBOX. The motion sensing hardware is no longer optional as it was with the XBOX 360.

Warming up on the fun scale is the ability of the device to detect up to four players with its full body tracking technology. Gamers can now sit down while playing unlike with the previous boxes. Another great feature is the adaptation of the console to the living room of the gamer without having to move furniture around for motion sensing. Interesting time for both Sony and Microsoft with the release of the PlayStation 4 with great features and XBOX 720 drawing nearer.XBOX-720

  • Moving to the controllers, Microsoft is gearing up for what is calls “natural evolution” of the previous XBOX 360 input.
  • These controllers however will not work with the new wireless technology incorporated into the XBOX 720.
  • In addition to this new technology, the XBOX 720 is also rumored to pack 8gb DDR3 memory along with flash memory for system applications and tasks. Hard Drive has a storage capacity of 500 GB with read speeds of 50 MB/sec.
  • The optical disk drive provides a capacity of 50 GB.

Other features guaranteed to wow consumers is XBOX 720 support for 1080p stereo 3D content. The Durango also provides HDMI or S/PDIF audio output and supports up to 7.1 channels. This new console ships with Wi-Fi which is a relief for consumes. An improvement from the 360 version where Wi-Fi was not part of the device and gamers had to rely on an external Wi-Fi router, an additional expense.

  • Other specs of the 720 include an AMD eight-core x64 1.6 GHz CPU, USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4a, D3D11. x 800 MHz graphics solution, Ethernet and 4K resolution.
  • The XBOX 720 is rumored to feature Kinect Multi-channel Echo Cancellation (MEC) hardware.

Games are available as downloads or as Blu-Ray discs with 50 GB capacities. Speculation surrounding the console reveal that an internet connection will be an integral part of the XBOX and it ships with Xbox Live, for 24X7 internet connection.

In a move that will not be received well by gamers going for the XBOX 720, Microsoft is seeking to eliminate pre-owned games by shipping games on Blu-Ray with activation codes that will elapse after the first user. This will effectively stop users from sharing pre-owned games and force users to either download or purchase new Blu-Ray discs.

  • With brilliant specs in its kitty, Microsoft’s XBOX 720 is all set to go head to head with Sony’s PlayStation 4.
  • Both are expected to release around the same time, leaving the gaming market breathless with anticipation.
  • Sony’s real-time game streaming with the PS 4 versus the XBOX 720’s fabulous specifications.

Picking the better of the two is going to be hard for gamers this time round, with both companies doing their best to pack a knock-out punch with their latest offering.

New Blackberry Z10 The Rebranded SmartPhone With Blackberry 10 OS?

Research In Motion or RIM has been rebranded as Blackberry.  They recently unveiled two new smartphones running on Blackberry 10 Operating System.

One of them, named [amazon_link id=”B00BC0WNUC” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Blackberry Z10[/amazon_link], has touch screen display and the other model Q10 is equipped with physical keyboard. Z10 is measured 4.2 inches and Q10 model has a length of 3.1 inches. CEO of RIM Mr. Thorsten Heins unveiled these two phones and also declared the re branding as Blackberry.

The news of Research in Motion or Blackberry bringing in new two smartphones was being whispered here and there since 2012. They are bringing in these models to compete with Apple and Samsung.  Once upon a time, blackberry was the front liner in the smartphone market, but eventually they lost their position and were pushed backwards, especially by Apple and Samsung. Now Blackberry is betting their future on these two smartphones and their new OS.New blackberry z10

But do these sets are worth of their salt? Some analysts say they could be. Since Z10 is a gorgeous black and white device, and elegantly showcasing the stylishness of BackBerry 10 OS, it surely will attract a large number of smartphone fans.

  • According to the CEO of BlackBerry  “This is the most beautiful BlackBerry we have ever launched… This is the window into the BlackBerry 10 experience.”, and it truly is.
  • Moreover, the smartphone Z10 and BlackBerry 10 software were designed together. These couples are declared made for each other and they are ready to bring the experience of using smartphone to another height.

But some other analysts already begged to differ. Their opinion is that neither hardware nor operating software matters much when it comes to the question of survival. It’s the apps and the trends that makes or breaks the smartphone!

BlackBerry boasts to have 70,000 apps for their OS.

But its competitors have much more – Windows has more than 150,000 and Apple or Android has more than 800,000. BlackBerry is already short of some very popular apps like Google Maps (he default map app of BlackBerry is way out of the league), Pandora, Instagram,  Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Snapchat.

But the larger number of apps does not matter much, either. Eventually BlackBerry will get those apps, at least more popular ones. The main problem for BlackBerry is that they lack exclusive apps. Whenever a new app hits the market it almost always comes from iOS or Android – all apps start from there. This is what matters most.

So, for Blackberry to survive, they need to change this trend.

They need to invent ways to grow. Retaining existing subscriber base is not good enough for the company to endure. They need to attract new subscribers, and lure the customers of competitors. Until they can do it, they will not be in the race.

Now, we have both the phones in the market, and already received the difference of views. Which analysis will prevail cannot be told right now, because it’s a volatile market and anything can happen anytime. So lets watch what is in store for BlackBerry, and meanwhile explore the new playground of BlackBerry 10.

image credit: gbrdotcom

How Google Glass Works ? And Introduction To Google Glass Features

This technology is existent in hearing aids but was never used as an information relaying device with both audio and visuals for the wearer.

The Glass works much like City Lens in Nokia’s Lumia series, overlaying augmented reality data about the user’s surrounding that is supplied by Google’s own sat nav (satellite navigation) data.Google Glass

As an introduction…

  • The device has been designed for instant sharing and uploads images, video and audio on the go, online.
  • There is a power cable attached to the right side of the Glass frame that is used to recharge the device.
  • The prototype can currently store limited video file data and is expected to be tweaked for larger storage and battery power capabilities.
  • Google has filed a patent labeled “Wearable Computing Device with Indirect Bone-Conduction Speaker” to mark this technology that is used in the Glass.

The Glass also features a built in miniature camera that can be used to take good quality photographs. The screen in future models is expected to be AMOLED and feature motion sensors, GPS, 4G and connect to smart phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0. The Glass directly connects to cloud so all your content can be stored online within seconds.

How Google Glass Works ?

Watch the latest video to understand how Google Glass works…

Google is currently working on the Glass project to fit over people’s eyes that already have vision corrective glasses on.

Google Glass works by your voice command. You can speak to the glass and it gives you back response that’s the real experience you get from it.

When you say,

Ok Glass start recording – it starts a video recording of what you see through the Glass

Ok Glass take a picture – it snaps what you see through the Glass.

You can search for any information, see route map, ask questions, broadcast/share what you see – yes, it interacts and helps you with many stuffs + unlimited real life entertainment !

The current design is not inclusive of this group and the future variants are expected to address this issue. There is also the question of whether contact lenses can be embedded with micro technology to provide the same features and services Glass is currently equipped with.

  • Google’s focus is to bring every kind of information at your fingertips, or in this case at your retina with its attention to augmented reality. You could look for ATMs or book a table or find the near motel or gas station with just a pair of glasses if Google gets it right!

Here we go with the features and how it works on Google Glass.

  • Live record, Live photo and Share. You can record what you see through the Glass and also, take photo snaps of what you see through the Glass. You can also share them on social networking web sites.
  • SMS/Email on Eyes. You can read the new SMS or Emails as well as reply to them with your own Voice commands.
  • Voice Search. Like Google web search, you can ask or search for any information. It also reads back the results by Voice.
  • Google Maps Integrated. Google glass is integrated with our usual Google Maps and it takes you Live through the routes wherever you want to go.
  • Live Broadcast Yourself. You can broadcast what you are seeing through the Glass to your friends and family members, this is one of the amazing feature of Google Glass.
  • Google Now Integrated. This tracks your daily habit and suggests routes (based on traffic conditions), weather information  and to become betterment in your day-to-day habits.

Google Glass Works HerePublic release of Google Glass is expected to be in early 2014 by which time Google should have perfected many features like battery power, contact lenses, glasses and other minor enhancements we would love to see. Priced at a $1500, this is steep but for the kind of technology at your disposal it is fair to expect pricing that veers towards the higher side.

Once this hits stores, we will see living versions of the animated series, Johnny Quest , only in this case the wear has all the information about his current world on his screen instead of a make believe world.

Tech enthusiasts are very excited about this new gadget as is the general public. Once the Glass comes out, it is a whole new tech war with the battle of the senses that will be unleashed!

images: hypebeast, cnet

New Google Glass The Latest Revolution May Hit Market In 2014

Computers are becoming smaller and smaller day by day. From the days of ENIAC, the size of computer has reduced from a building to the palm of your hand. However, Google has forwarded one step and made the computer a wearable device. The Google glassit is the latest computer built in the frame of a pair of glasses.

New Google GlassThe Google glass was first announced in April 2012, under “Project Glass”. The announcement came on Google+, publishers were Babak Parviz – the electrical engineer, Steve Lee – the project manager and Sebastian Thrun – the Vice President of Google and founder of Google X Lab.

Since its announcement the Google Glass has received a positive response. In the very first week of the announcement, the post on Google+ received huge comments, suggestions and feedback. From that moment on, tech savvies around the globe started following the Google glass.

As it has appeared, the Google glass looks like just a pair of normal eye glasses, where the glass or plastic lenses are replaced by an augmented reality HUD or heads-up display. A HUD is actually a transparent display where data is displayed in such a way that user does not need to look away from the usual view point to view the display – a technology initially used in military aircraft  later adopted in commercial airliners, automobiles etc.

  • Google glass is voice controlled and it represents the information in “smartphone-like” format.
  • It beams the information directly into your field of vision and responds as you say.
  • In the first video release, Google glass is displayed to work as per instruction “spoken” to it. Even a reply of SMS was sent while eating by voice command. In this video, Google glass was displayed as a futuristic device that puts your smartphone into your sunglasses or spectacles and projects its contents for some voice-activated fun.

Google glass was a major topic of talking throughout the whole 2012. In January 2013, it gets the hype again when a US regulator published some new details on it. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s website releases a test report. In this report it is described that “video playing on the device alongside audio running to a ‘vibrating element’.

The description tallies with a patent filing suggesting it plays sound via “bone-conduction” tech rather than earbuds.”

It was speculated that the Google glass will hit the market by the end of 2014.

Though Google glass created very much hype among the tech savvy people, but Google is not the only company to develop wearable technology. Motorola Solutions announced HC1 headset computer system which is a rig controlled by voice and gesture.

  • An Airwave – ski goggles was announced by Oakley. This goggles comes with a built-in screen that displays the speed, size of jumps and the information of the music it is playing.In Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, several other wearable technologies were show cased. Among them were Vuzix’s Android-powered M100 smartphone, a set of digital glasses from Microsoft etc.

The new era of computing is certainly knocking at door, but it is still unclear how this technology will be received in the market and what will be their future, or will they create new future for market.

Here is a latest documentary on Google Glass that i found on Youtube…

Sony Playstation 4 Features, It Comes with 3D Graphics and DVD Player?

Sony Playstation 4Sony is all set to rock the gaming arena with another beautiful console from the PlayStation series. This year, Sony is geared to launch PlayStation 4, a promising new console full of exciting new features if its predecessors are anything to go by. And the timing is strategic, since Sony has smartly planned the release worldwide during the holiday season ensuring maximum collection in its first two weeks. Another aspect that adds buzz to the PlayStation 4 is its clash with Microsoft’s XBOX 720, also slated for release in the first quarter of 2013, targeting the holiday season.

  • If rumors are to be believed, the PlayStation 4 has some sizzling specs. The development kits feature 4 dual core AMD 64 processors equivalent to eight CPU cores aptly nicknamed “Bulldozer processors”, and AMD 10xx Graphical Processing Unit,  160 GB Hard Disk Drive, High Definition Media Inout (HDMI), and packed with four USB 3.0 slots,  two Ethernet connection ports and a blu-ray drive. A powerful combination for any console!

While speculation is on about the PS 4, Sony has confirmed discontinuation of one of its earliest releases in the gaming landscape, the PlayStation 2.  The PS 2 has been around for over a decade and has undergone over 18 revisions to date. The PS 1 and PS 2 were path breakers in the gaming zone with very few companies offering gaming consoles.

In addition to 3D graphics for gaming, Sony also threw in a DVD player with the console, a first in its time.

For a long time, the PS 2 was the most popular console and ruled markets until Nintendo and Microsoft came out with their gaming console models packed with exciting features.Sony Playstation 4 Design

  • Like the XBOX 360 – Sony PS 3 clash, Sony’s PS 4 is expected to take Microsoft’s XBOX 720 head on.
  • While the XBOX 360 had a slight edge over Sony’s PS 3 last year, the PS 4 is all set to take top spot in 2013.
  • Sony is working on doubling SPE (Synergistic Processing Elements) that allow its games to run faster and smoother than earlier versions, and is expected to retain its optical drive and blu-ray drive in the PS 4 as well.

Equipped with all the latest the gaming sphere has to offer, this time round, Sony is ready to take on the XBOX with superior graphics and lightning fast processing.

Another feature that will excite gamer world over is multiple people logged in simultaneously. Sony is working on a concept wherein the PlayStation 4 allows multiple users to be logged in to the system at one  time. Each user is associated with their Sony Entertainment Network account and controller and will have a local save associated with each account.

A very interesting concept to make collaborative gaming and competition possible, one that will definitely be received with cheers and hoots of joy from the gamer community.

It is not only the tablet or smartphone sectors that are expecting big waves in 2013 and beyond. The gaming sphere is fast catching up and is generating a lot of ripples with expected releases of Nintendo, XBOX and PlayStation models, each equipped with power packed features in addition to the gaming console to attract, amaze and fascinate users. Gamers can look forward to a great new year with a number of consoles vying for their attention and time!


Apple into Gaming Sector, a Threat to Newells Valve and Other Gaming Companies

With Apple’s incredible success in the smartphone, tablet and music sectors, the game sphere is now edgy about the Cupertino based organization’s potential foray into TV gaming. While Apple  has shown absolutely no inclination towards gaming now or in the near future, companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Valve continue to be on their toes about a probable venture into this field.  Newell’s Valve in particular is bracing itself for an invasion that will topple gaming markets and upset current ratings. Apple into Gaming Sector

Is this threat for real or is Apple’s unprecedented success creating paranoia worldwide?

Newell’s urgency stems from the  Steam Box, an Open Source console that is currently en route to bringing PC games to the living room via Big Picture mode. If all goes as planned Steam box can work on console versus PC games to take over the TV room. If all goes as planned….

This is where the Apple threat comes in.

Although there has been no announcement from Apple, rivals fear covert development in the TV and gaming direction since the iOS is moving towards the gaming zone with game developers including iOS and Android with their game versions for consoles. This suggests a logical step for Apple since it has already taken over phone and tab markets and can easily venture into TV gaming.

Currently, Steam box is all powerful in this area, with users allowed to purchase and play over 2000 games from the Steam store. Steam’s big picture is a well designed, neat interface for playing PC games on TV. From video games, to games on PC, cellphones, tablets, Xbox, Nintendo, PS series, digital gaming has proved to be a mass entertainer and Steam Box has captured and capitalized the market.

With Apple’s expected entry, this would certainly upset ‘the apple’ cart, so to speak. Ironic, but there you have it.

  • Apple’s move beyond the tablet and phone era is Apple TV and this is the medium Apple is expected to use to make its way into the arena.
  • If this is true, it would give Microsoft and Sony in addition to Nintendo and Valve a run for their money.
  • With this in mind, Valve in particular has blown full steam ahead to establish and maintain a firm hold in the gaming sector.

Perhaps this is an overreaction to Apple’s interest in the TV space with AppleTV. Perhaps it is justified. But Valve’s reaction has come a bit early and is based purely on Apple’s success in other areas like cellphones and tablets. A potential threat always spurs innovation and development but this time, rumors and speculation seem to be bordering on paranoia.

  • Even in the smartphone markets, Apple is facing solid, unrelenting competition from Samsung and HTC with other manufacturers fast catching up. Gaining, establishing and strengthening a foothold is definitely a hard task even for a tech wonder like Apple.
  • Meanwhile Valve has already made it to the gaming sphere and is fast moving to better technology to dominate living rooms.

It remains to be seen if Valve’s fears are for real, and how Newell intends to handle gaming if Apple finally decides to take a step in the gaming direction!

image: mohi

Upcoming Innovative Gadgets That You Love To Buy in 2013

Gadgets, technology, gizmos are constantly evolving. Today it supports 3G, tomorrow 4G. In the span of a decade mobile phones have evolved to become touch interface smart phones with Voice Support features like Siri. Storage has increased to support data in terabytes today from megabytes yesterday. In some cases, gadgets have gone a complete makeover to provide great functionality and features, Case in point would be cameras, from film based storage cameras have gone digital and today support android and instant file upload and sharing features!

With the speed at which technology is moving, man-machine integration is on the cards in the near future. Until then, here’s a sneak peek at some interesting, fun, smart and upcoming innovative gadgets we can look forward to in 2013!


Kamura CameraSlated for release in 2013 January, this camera is tiny, with touch interface and an accelerometer to identify and capture still that you want without any confusion.

The camera is 8 megapixel and without buttons, with 4GB internal storage and USB charging support.

From the Japanese gadget maker Muji, this camera is handy, easy to store and transport and fun to snap pictures with.


papertab tablet pcSleek redefined!

Paper Logic is working on a 107. Inch flexible tablet that is paper thin and looks like paper, but get this! Is a tablet! Powered by Intel Core processor, the tablet is ultra thin and can fit anywhere.

If this materializes, it could be the pioneer of the next generation tablets and slates, that are super sleek and look snazzy!


First we had LAN cables, then USB drives, USB cables, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and now if researchers in Tokyo succeed, we could be using ‘Pinch’ very soon.

The concept is to lay phones, tablets adjacent to each other and transfer music, video and images by pinching with your fingers. This would make NFC look old and redundant, should it come to fruition.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Tablet? Laptop?

The ThinkPad Helix works as both! It works on 3rd Generation CoreTM that runs on Windows 8 and sports a display of 11.6 inches. It can be used as a laptop or detached and used as a tablet when needed.

The display is fantastic with a 1080p resolution. This gadget will set a new precedent in the tablet-laptop sphere!

Watch the below video to understand about this innovative gadget.

Sony Xperia Z

Expected to be released in 2013, the Xperia Z reaffirms Sony’s lead over other smartphones in the market with a 1080p, HD resolution 5 inch display powered by Sony’s Bravia engine.

It is rumored to have a 13 Megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera. Xperia Z, if true to rumored specifications will take the world by storm!Sony Xperia Z Smartphone

LG Ultra HD TV with 65 inch screen

Slated for release in the second quarter of 2013, the giant 65 inch TV from LG is going to make waves. It has an incredible resolution of 8 million megapixels per frame and this combined with 3D Surround Sound Zooming is will give you a cinematographic experience that you have never had before! This ultra hdtv has two 15w woofers and two 10w speakers to give you that theatre experience!

That’s it for today folks!

Keep watching this space for the hottest, coolest, trendiest, upcoming innovative gadgets of 2013 that you love to buy!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Roma Features and Rumours

Nothing stays quiet in today’s world with so much anticipation and excitement over each new gadget release! We have the celebs of cyberspace in smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, cameras, PCs and a host of other devices. And like our real life celebrities, the electronic media (read blogs) closely follows gadget manufacturers for updates, breaking news, leaked pictures of future models and lineups. One such tidbit we sniffed out is leaked details of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3!

  • According to rumors, Samsung will come out with two tablet models , the 7 inch screen and the 10.1 inch screen variants, offering consumers a choice between models.
  • The 10.1 inch model is certain but there are some questions and doubts regarding the 7 inch model. That is something not finalized by Samsung and will be revealed in due course.

Meanwhile we look at other features expected to be incorporated into the tab 3.New Samsung Tablet Code Named as Roma

Consumers seem to have a choice of more than two models, based on screen size and Wi-Fi variants. There appear to be a total of four models, Wi-Fi variants of the 10.1 and 7 inch models. Previous models of the tab, have followed a similar pattern and hence this isn’t wholly unexpected with the  new models.

  • There have been more rumors surrounding the tab’s specs like an expected OLED display with a 1080p resolution,  5 megapixel resolution camera with a front 1.3 megapixel camera for video conferences.

There are also expectations of a new tablet being released, sometime in the first half of 2013. The tablet named ROMA is expected to have the same features as the Galaxy tab 3 with a few tweaks here and there. The tablet is expected to have inbuilt memory between 16GB and 32GB.

  • All of Samsung’s tablet, from the tab 3 to what is code named ROMA are expected to come out in white in the beginning of 2013.

There is another tablet Samsung is supposed to be working on and was expected to be a closely guarded secret, but once again has gotten out due to gadget frenzy sweeping the world. This is supposed to be the Galaxy Note 8.0 and is likely to sport an 8 inch, 1280X800 pixel display and a quad core processor. Again the camera is expected to be of 5mega pixel calibre for snapping pictures and a lower resolution front camera for video chatting. The 8.0 Note is also slated for release in 2013.

Looks like Samsung has a lot on its plate right now, gearing up for three major releases, and generating a lot of excitement and buzz about what we can expect from its new products. It will be an exciting new year, with an Apple-Samsung face off  likely to happen with both smartphone giants working on new releases. Or they may take the high road and avoid each other all together, releasing their products on different dates to avoid any clashes.

Only time will tell, meanwhile we continue to speculate about Samsung’s alleged tablet releases and what new features we can look forward to!

image: informatica