BLU Life SmartPhone Review (Model 8 XL)

For those who are looking for a low budget smartphone, I got one for you: BLU Life 8 XL. This is one of the cheapest model recently available on the online stores.

Android Kitkat loaded phone which gives almost all the interesting and required features of a costlier Smartphone. If you cannot afford a Samsung or Sony Smartphone then you can go for this model.

Or if you are looking for a spare one that you want to give it for kids or occasional use at home – you can simply choose this Smartphone.


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Screen, Design and Display.

The screen measures 5.5 inch and well enough to get a feel of Smartphone. You get HD resolution of 720p only and hence it is not a full HD Smartphone.

However, on a bigger 5.5 inch screen it won’t disappoint you much. Moreover, with 720p you have to keep the brightness higher for better quality viewing and you can’t expect much clarify on side viewing or distant viewing.blu-life-8-xl-design

The phone looks slim and you will definitely like the design. On the side, you can find the standard Power key and volume control keys. It also has a LED indicator.

Performance and Camera.

This BLUE Life smartphone comes with a MediaTek processor with Octa Core and runs at a speed of 1.2 GHz. The performance is supported by only 1 GB RAM and I feel that’s the usual Quad Core combination.

However, you can play all the fast graphic games without any issues.blu-life-camera

It has 8 MegaPixel camera and you can use it for outdoor photo shooting also. For the cost, it is a better camera. If you are really looking for a great camera and quality picture – you may not feel it that much great. However, for a normal user this may suite well.

The camera has auto-focus, geo-tag, face-detection, LED based flash-light enabled.

Other Features of BLU Life 8 XL.

Apart from the above features, this Smartphone runs on Android Kitkat and looks, you can upgrade it up to the Lollipop version.blu-life-all-features-accessories

  • It comes with Dual-Sim (micro type) and a micro SD card slot (expandable up to 64 GB) apart from an Internal memory of 8 GB.
  • It has micro USB 2.0 slot and supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • You can also connect this to WiFi network (supports standard 802.11 b/g/n) and supports Hotspot setup.
  • You won’t get LTE Support (no 4G, only 2G and 3G).
  • The battery is of type Li-Ion and it can stand well on extreme usage.
  • Its claimed to stand up to 750 hours of Stand-by and 18 hours of Talk-time (with 3G enabled).

Technical Specification of BLU Life 8 XL:

  • Supports Android Kitkat
  • Upgradable to Android Lollipop
  • Processor Octa-Core MediaTek (1.2 GHz speed)
  • 1GB RAM Memory
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • 64GB expandable with microSD Card
  • micro-USB 2.0 port
  • Dual micro-SIM slot
  • Supports 2G, 3G Networks
  • WiFi connectivity 802.11 b/g/n
  • Screen Size: 5.5 Inch
  • Display: High Definition 720p resolution (what’s different?)
  • LED Flashlight
  • 8MegaPixel Digital Camera

More technical information and other details here.

Video Review.

Lets unbox the BLU Life 8 XL Smartphone and explore it further.

Yet another first look video of this 8 XL model.

Why You Love This ASUS Zenfone 2 SmartPhone Review [4GB RAM with 13 MP Camera]

One of the decent looking smartphone on the market at affordable cost, recently launched is the ASUS Zenfone 2. With different colours and variety of cute models, makes you to quickly say “wow” on the first look. This is a high performance smartphone with all the latest and greatest features available right from stunning graphics to connectivity.asus-zenfone-2

There’s no memory shortage, as you can go and dump the smartphone with all your digital files, media’s without worry. That’s the competing strategy used by ASUS giving all great features at affordable cost.

Wanna understand more about this [amazon_link id=”B00VWKKF52″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Zenfone 2 SmartPhone[/amazon_link]? continue reading…

Processor and Performance.

This cute looking smartphone is powered by an Intel Quad-Core processor (64-bit one) runs at the speed of 1.8 GHz. There are no other word, Intel’s Quad-Core takes the performance to height.

You can watch all HD videos on-the-go without much lag in the performance. Intel’s 3D Trigate enhances the graphics performance to run 3D games smoother with 3x better picture quality. The technology is made such that it improves the smartphones performance whereas reduces the power consumption.

Hence you get better battery backup. The graphics are cool looking and gets the same feel of watching on a high-end HD PC monitor.

  • 4GB RAM for a smartphone, you will be amazed by its performance. All of high performance Apps from Google Play store can be played in it without any memory deficiency.
  • 4 GB RAM improves multi-tasking and you can switch between multiple Applications without any slowness (that generally happens with 1 GB smartphones).

Design and Connectivity Features.

With a metal brushed finish, you will definitely love the design on first look. The smartphone fits on your hand perfectly and especially, when you hold it for longer duration. Its made for your palm. The grip also feels good.zenfone-2-slim

The screen takes 72% ratio with the body and comes with volume control buttons, photo snap buttons on the outer. The backside of the phone looks awesome and also, the side view shows that this is a slim device.

  • It supports the latest WiFi technology 802.11 ac, USB port, Bluetooth version 4.0, NFC and comes with Dual SIM (micro-size). It has 2G, 3G, 4G connectivities.

Screen, Display and Camera.

The 5.5 inch screen gives you better viewing experience right from videos to games. This ZenFone carries amazingly 13 MegaPixel camera and can capture brighter photos even at night time.zenfone-2-camera

This is a PixelMaster camera, the backlight technology using ASUS’s Pixel Enhancer and captures 400% more brighter images of crystal clear clarity. The Gorilla glass 3.0 goes perfect with 1920×1080 resolution screen and of course, it has IPS viewing supported.

  • With both front and rear cameras supporting PixelMaster, it comes with 5 MegaPixel (fix-focus) and 13 MegaPixel (auto-focus)

Technical Specification:

  • Weighs only 170 gram
  • Measures 77.2 mm x 152.5 mm x 3.9 mm
  • Intel Quad Core Atom 64-bit 1.38GHz speed processor
  • 5GB Free ASUS webstorage (lifetime)
  • 16GB or 64GB Flash Memory
  • MicroSD card expandable up to 64 GB
  • USB, Bluetooth V4, Dual Sim (micro)
  • 1920×1080 resolution, 5.5 inch screen (full HD)
  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • 3000 mAh battery (non-removable)
  • Front cam 15 MegaPixel (with PixelMaster)
  • Rear cam 5 MegaPixel (with PixelMaster)

More detailed [amazon_link id=”B00VWKKEY4″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]specification of ZenFone 2 here[/amazon_link].

ZenFone 2 Video Review

Watch the below video to understand the detailed features of this ASUS smartphone.

Yet another 24-hour usage review.

5 Low Cost Windows 8 Smartphones Yet Best Quality Smartphones

Microsoft is trying to bring down the cost of Windows 8 phones by partnering with various Smartphone manufacturing companies to reduce the cost of its touch OS smartphones. The company is aiming at capturing the market by appealing to all sections of the consumer base – From the band that can afford the expensive Lumia 920 phones to the mid and lower tier.list of low cost Windows 8 Smartphones !

Microsoft is working towards providing Windows 8 phones to all strata of the market; Samsung, HTC and Nokia likewise. The companies are looking to expand their respective shares in the tech market by catering to a wide base of consumers of different income brackets.

We have listed the first 5 low cost phones to hit the market, up for grabs at online stores.

1. Nokia Lumia 620

Heading our list is the Lumia 620 from the Finnish company. The phone is “refreshingly different” from its peers and is aimed at the young crowd with funky handset colors and styling.

It offers dual color shells that allow you to attach a second-colored casing over the base layer. The outer layer can be changed to snap on a wackier, brighter color!

  • The phone runs on a 1GHz dual core Snapdragon processor and offers an 800X600 pixel screen with a pixel density of 246 ppi.
  • A modest feature but this is a budget phone. Even with a low resolution, the screen is sharp and bright.
  • Other features include a 5 MP camera with Smart Shoot technology and the trademark City Lens feature found in all Lumia phones.
  • An excellent [amazon_link id=”B00B9Q56WQ” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]buy for the price, Lumia 620[/amazon_link] heralds the low cost Smartphone era.

2. Nokia Lumia 720

After the initial Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, Nokia has shifted focus to budget conscious buyers and consequently has been creating phones for this segment of the market.

  • The Lumia 720 is a Windows 8 phone with Nokia credentials but is offered at a lower price compared to big brother 920.
  • The 720 aims at the mid range market while fellow phone 520 aims at the low – range Smartphone market.
  • The Lumia 720 packs a rich set of features for its price.
  • A 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 510 MB RAM, 8 GB on board memory, 6.7 MP rear camera and a front facing camera for video calling are some of the features it offers.
  • The display is 4.3 inches wide with a resolution of 800X600. The 720 offers dual micro SIM slots and NFC communication.

Very impressive for a mid range phone! Check the latest price [amazon_link id=”B00BS5PA1K” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]here[/amazon_link].

3. Nokia Lumia 520

The 520 follows fellow phones Nokia Lumia 620 and Lumia 720. The 520 was released with Lumia’s 720 and the phones aimed at different markets. The 520 was expected to target the lower-tier of the smartphone market while the 720 aimed at the mid-range segment.

  • Nokia’s Lumia 520 offers users a 1GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 510 MB RAM, 8 GB inbuilt storage expandable through a micro SD card, 5 MP rear camera with LED flash.
  • There is no front camera.
  • The display resolution is lower than that of the 720, offering users a 800X480 pixel screen display.
  • The screen’s size is 4 inches. There is no NFC support on this phone.
  • [amazon_link id=”B00CD5BVVC” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Lumia 520’s cost and tech specification here[/amazon_link].

4. Samsung Ativ Odyssey

Surprise package [amazon_link id=”B00B38QST0″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]from Samsung, the Ativ Odyssey[/amazon_link] is a low cost Windows 8 smartphone offering from Samsung.

The Odyssey Ativ offers users a super AMOLED display with 800X480 pixels on a screen measuring 4 inches, a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, 1 GB RAM, a 5 MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front camera for video chatting and 8GB in-built storage expandable using a microSD card.

The finish is plastic, like most other Samsung phones. Unlike the top notch phones however that offer users a premium finish in spite of the plastic, the Ativ Odyssey does not have a luxury finish.

  • The features its offers however, are well worth what Samsung is asking for, for the Ativ Odyssey Windows 8 OS budget Smartphone.

5. HTC’s 8S

Rounding off our list of low cost Windows 8 smartphones is the [amazon_link id=”B009HQAR56″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]8S from HTC[/amazon_link]. Slightly higher pricing that peer phones Lumia 620, 720, 520 and Samsung’s Ativ Odyssey, the price tag on the 8 nevertheless places it in the mid-range bracket.

  • The phone features a 4 inch 800X480 pixel resolution LCD display, a dual-core Qualcomm processor, 510 MB RAM, 4 GB built in storage expandable with a micro SD card.
  • The phone features a 5MP rear camera and Beats Audio technology for enhanced sound quality.
  • Owing to top class styling and finish, HTC’s products are almost always in the top most tiers, rarely trickling down to the mid-market.
  • The 8S however, has been designed to be a cost-effective Windows 8 phones, targeting the masses rather than classes.
  • Good features for the pricing.

Hope you enjoyed this list of low cost + quality windows 8 smartphones and now you can well take your buying decision today !

image credit: labnol

List of Samsung Galaxy Music Features & The Verdict

Samsung Galaxy Music comes with a 3 inch screen with an LCD screen, 240X320 pixel resolution. A regressive step by Samsung, given that other companies load their already feature-packed phones with a great music player.

We expect something like the Galaxy Ace 2 to come with a fab music player not a phone entirely focused on music and nothing else. Lets go over the features of this smartphone.Samsung Galaxy Music

  • The phone has trademark rounded edges, with a chrome rim running all around.
  • Metal grilles over the speakers is a surprise, rarely used by Samsung. A tiny phone, it reminds you of the Samsung champ, with its dimensions and weight.
  • A dedicated play/pause key on the right hits your music player even when your phone is locked so you can get to your music anytime, all the time.
  • Galaxy Music runs on a Cortex A9 single-core 850 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB inbuilt memory and a micro SD card for expandable memory up to 32 GB. 1300 mAh battery unit serves the phone well and it doesn’t discharge very quickly.
  • You can expect to use the phone for up to a day without having to plug it in.
  • Music, Music, Music. Built for lyric lovers, this phone has dual speakers on the top and bottom portions of the front face.
  • SoundAlive and SRS surround sound modes give the beat an extra thump and the phone earns its title-A music phone for the masses.
  • Loud, clear, rocking music, this phone performs as claimed.
  • The camera of course works well like all Samsung phones with a 3MP rear camera that takes good snaps and no front camera.
  • Video recording is 320X240p, works well for a music phone.
  • Data transfer is via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • GPS is featured for navigation.
  • It runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, topped with Samsung’s very own TouchWiz UI. Standard apps with the phone and Google Play for updates the software section is well taken care of.
  • Screen and app switch is smooth no noticeable sluggishness or hanging.  Works well with hardware specs but the phone has more potential that is wasted with the single core processor. A little more work on the screen and internals could have worked wonders for Samsung.
  • More information and technical [amazon_link id=”B00B06LP7K” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]specification of Galaxy Music[/amazon_link].

Features of Samsung Galaxy Music SmartphoneSamsung’s attempt to fix its speakers has worked well but there have been slip-ups in other areas. Not a bad phone, but one with plenty left to be desired. If you are a music buff and nothing else, the phone works for you.

The Verdict: For those seeking a well rounded phone, Samsung’s Music smartphone doesn’t figure in the list, but works fine in the mid range bracket.

Yet another in-depth review on the Samsung Galaxy Music Features.

Samsung Galaxy Young vs Galaxy Ace 2 Comparison

Samsung has covered all segments. The executive class, mid-tier working faction, and the young crowd, both college students and young adults with its budget phone, a lower to mid-level entry in the cellphone market.

Samsung is like the big brother in the playground, ensuring nobody is left out. Catering to different paycheck families, the company makes great smartphones for the lower, mid and high end markets.

Presenting Samsung Galaxy Young, the smartphone that imitates the new to the world of Android, apps and the Galaxy series.

The Ace 2 falls in the mid-range slot, made for those who want fancy smartphone features but can’t afford the price of a Galaxy S2 or S3.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 does its best to give you great features at affordable pricing. We look at how the Ace 2 does in the field, looks, features and pricing.

Design, Look n Feel

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Samsung has clearly not invested a lot of time on styling and luxury finish with the Ace 2. It is down to pretty much the basics. But the great part is that Samsung’s ‘bare’ minimum is an entire notch above other phones, so you still get pretty good stuff with the Ace 2.

  • A TFT capacitive 3.8 inch screen, 480X800 resolution, 246 pixel per inch.
  • Not anything like the S-Series but you get a bright, sharp screen with the Ace 2.
  • The screen is flanked by a silver trim and beyond that are the rounded corners that is typical of many Samsung mid-tier phones.
  • The back of the phone, made of plastic has a slightly rough feel to it but is not ungainly, just lower on the finish scale.
  • The phone is 10.5 mm thick. Not a phone to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over but looks good enough for the price Samsung is asking.
Samsung Galaxy Young

Samsung Galaxy Young

The Galaxy Young phone is small, light and fits snugly in your pocket.

  • It has a 3 inch screen, weighs 97.5 g and comes with a sturdy build and rounded edges making it easy to hold.
  • Samsung’s basic android phone, the Galaxy Y (Young) comes with a host of features,nevertheless, that excite you and beckons you to explore the world of touch and android.
  • The phone is built entirely out of plastic with a chrome strip bordering its edge, but doesn’t come off as cheap, it has solid bearing for a phone so small.
  • The screen is LCD display with a resolution of 240X320 pixels, not as sharp as other phones, both Samsung and peer companies , but is reasonably clear and works well for a budget phone like the Galaxy Y.

Performance & Load

The Young phone runs on a 830MHz ARMv6 Processor with onboard memory 180MB and 290MB RAM.

  • Galaxy Y comes with a micoSD memory card of 2GB, expandable upto 32GB. Battery life is where the phone scores well, requiring you to plug it in once in 2 or 3 days.
  • The  phone runs fine with average use and you do not need to lug your charger wherever you go.
  • Galaxy Y is Samsung’s stepping stone to the Android world. The phone runs on Android 2.3, GingerBread.
  • You are exposed to the world off apps with Google Play and a bunch of inbuilt apps from Samsung.
  • Seasoned with Samsung’s TouchWiz software, the phone runs great.
  • Apps are smooth, run well, no lagging in loading apps, no hanging and no software glitches. Even for a budget phone like the Galaxy Young, Samsung has ensured good hardware-software integration and smooth operation.

Samsung has consistently delivered in this area and its unwavering commitment to quality has secured it top spot in smartphone markets. The company has a brilliant track record when it comes to performance right from the first Samsung phone to today’s super Galaxy phones.

  • Whereas,  Ace 2 is powered by a dual core 800MHz processor, 768 MB RAM, with an onboard storage of 4GB expandable with a MicroSD card.
  • Battery lasts a reasonable length, another star for Samsung which usually does well in this section as well.
  • The phone runs on Android Gingerbread, rather than Ice Cream Sandwich which is a surprise since 4.0 has been integrated with most of the other phones in its league.
  • The processor, gingerbread combination works well though.
  • Apps load quickly, app switching is smooth, browsing is fast, you only hit a snag when downloading graphic intensive games and apps.

Features, Video & Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy Young phone features a 2MP rear camera, not top of the line but enough for a small phone like this.

  • Video is not impressive, nor are shots in low light conditions but the phone achieves what it promises.
  • An inexpensive device with basic features your would expect in a smartphone.
  • The phone also comes with good speaker quality. Not loud like Sony’s signature feature but low on treble yet clear.
  • For better clarity you can plug earphones into the  3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Some of the built in apps are Google maps, Navigation, Play Store, Facebook, FM Radio, configurable and email services.

When compared, the Ace 2 sports a 5MP rear camera and a VGA front camera for video calling and chatting.

  • Video recording is 720p HD. The camera comes with smile detection and LED flash.
  • Great specs for a mid-range phone, you don’t miss out on fun moments! Photos are true color and natural looking.
  • Music on the phone is not as loud as the Sony series but clear and enjoyable.
  • The keyboard is a bit cramped so messaging could prove a little tricky, but not wholly unexpected for a 3.8 inch phone.
  • Data transfer is via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the phone features GPS for navigation.

The Verdict

Not Samsung’s best offering but definitely nowhere close to the last rung.

  • The Ace 2 is the affordable, smartphone for the mid level market. If you are not particular about deluxe styling and glossy finishes, this phone will work well for you.
  • Samsung has always delivered value-for-money products and the Ace 2 does not disappoint in this. A good smartphone, will stick around a while in the market.
  • Find more detailed information [amazon_link id=”B008BK69V0″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 here[/amazon_link]

When compared to Ace 2, this is not a lot on offer with the Galaxy Young, but a decent show by Samsung for a budget phone.

  • The company has chosen well for an introductory phone-Android’s  Gingerbread that comes with most bug fixes and enhancements. Good camera, speakers, processing speed and memory work well for the Galaxy Young.
  • You get to enjoy Android, Location Services and other fun apps for great pricing.
  • Find more detailed information [amazon_link id=”B00766BFHS” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]on Samsung Young here[/amazon_link]

If you are keen on Android and don’t yet have the means to afford an expensive phone, this phone is for you!

Samsung Xcover 2 SmartPhone Review

Samsung moves fast. That much is apparent to any tech enthusiast, gadget guru or an observant consumer. Samsung is constantly innovating, bringing out model after model of smarter, better, faster smartphones and tablets. The Galaxy series has done extremely well with some fantastic features incorporated with each new release. The latest in the offering is the very recent release of the  Samsung Xcover 2, sequel to the Xcover.Samsung Xcover 2

Pricing, Comparable to Sony Xperia

The most striking feature of the Xcover 2 is its water resistant technology IP67 certification. This is Samsung’s answer to Sony’s Xperia Go. The Xcover 2 is both water and dust resistant and carries with it Motion User Interface that it brings forward from its parent phone, the Xcover. Samsung’s smart move is to market this phone as a mid-range smartphone thus conquering markets right from the high-end top class segment to the mid and lower range with cutting edge technology at affordable pricing.

Samsung needs no introduction with its immense success in the all sectors it has ventured into. Right from Television  to washing machines, refrigerators, tablets, smartphones and cameras, Samsung has always delivered quality at great prices. Its greatest conquest seems to in the smartphone domain, with tremendous progress made with each new release. With the Xcover 2 Samsung caters to the mid range market so that consumers without can enjoy great new features at prices affordable to them.

Features of Samsung Xcover 2

  • The new phone has  a 4 inch screen with TFT display, 800X480p resolution and 233ppi density.
  • It does not lag behind its superiors too much in performance, powered by a dual core 1GHz processor  1GB RAM, 4GB inbuilt storage and microSD slot that supports memory up to 32GB.
  • The device scores well with data transfer technology featuring micro USB 2.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, 2G and 3G connectivity.
  • The phone is packs a 5MP camera with auto focus as a rear camera and a VGA front facing camera. The phone also comes with some of the features provided in the SIII like S Voice, S Cloud, Samsung hub and other fun apps. The Xcover 2 definitely packs a good punch with the number of features Samsung has incorporated for a mid-range phone.

Design, Look n Feel.

Xcover 2  is designed for rough use and is Samsung’s version of a rugged smartphone that combines great features with a tough, durable model. It can even take photos underwater or function well after extreme punishment.

The phone  provides the look and feel of a high-end version and the endurance of a more robustly built model like Samsung’s earlier low-range phones. Well designed to balance smartphone features with a strong framework.Samsung Xcover 2 - Design

OS & Applications

  • Xcover 2 runs on Android 4.1, JellyBean that provides smooth and seamless transition between apps.
  • The newest feature built in by Samsung is intuitive Motion User Interface that understands the users gestures and controls the phone by handling calls, apps and other functions.
  • Some of the other sophisticated features are data syncing and backup with S cloud,  Voice control with S Voice, Best camera picture selection using Best Shot, tailored fitness program with Cardio Trainer Pro and Smart Stay that dims the screen according to whether or not the user is looking at the screen.

Remarkable set of features in a mid-range phone, Samsung has outdone itself with the outside-rugged, inside-executive Xcover 2 model.

Definitely definitely worth the money, any tech specialist would recommend you run out and get one as fast  as possible, the Galaxy Xcover 2 from Samsung  is a rare combination of exterior and interior perfection!

image credit:sammobile, gadgetian

New Blackberry Z10 The Rebranded SmartPhone With Blackberry 10 OS?

Research In Motion or RIM has been rebranded as Blackberry.  They recently unveiled two new smartphones running on Blackberry 10 Operating System.

One of them, named [amazon_link id=”B00BC0WNUC” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Blackberry Z10[/amazon_link], has touch screen display and the other model Q10 is equipped with physical keyboard. Z10 is measured 4.2 inches and Q10 model has a length of 3.1 inches. CEO of RIM Mr. Thorsten Heins unveiled these two phones and also declared the re branding as Blackberry.

The news of Research in Motion or Blackberry bringing in new two smartphones was being whispered here and there since 2012. They are bringing in these models to compete with Apple and Samsung.  Once upon a time, blackberry was the front liner in the smartphone market, but eventually they lost their position and were pushed backwards, especially by Apple and Samsung. Now Blackberry is betting their future on these two smartphones and their new OS.New blackberry z10

But do these sets are worth of their salt? Some analysts say they could be. Since Z10 is a gorgeous black and white device, and elegantly showcasing the stylishness of BackBerry 10 OS, it surely will attract a large number of smartphone fans.

  • According to the CEO of BlackBerry  “This is the most beautiful BlackBerry we have ever launched… This is the window into the BlackBerry 10 experience.”, and it truly is.
  • Moreover, the smartphone Z10 and BlackBerry 10 software were designed together. These couples are declared made for each other and they are ready to bring the experience of using smartphone to another height.

But some other analysts already begged to differ. Their opinion is that neither hardware nor operating software matters much when it comes to the question of survival. It’s the apps and the trends that makes or breaks the smartphone!

BlackBerry boasts to have 70,000 apps for their OS.

But its competitors have much more – Windows has more than 150,000 and Apple or Android has more than 800,000. BlackBerry is already short of some very popular apps like Google Maps (he default map app of BlackBerry is way out of the league), Pandora, Instagram,  Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Snapchat.

But the larger number of apps does not matter much, either. Eventually BlackBerry will get those apps, at least more popular ones. The main problem for BlackBerry is that they lack exclusive apps. Whenever a new app hits the market it almost always comes from iOS or Android – all apps start from there. This is what matters most.

So, for Blackberry to survive, they need to change this trend.

They need to invent ways to grow. Retaining existing subscriber base is not good enough for the company to endure. They need to attract new subscribers, and lure the customers of competitors. Until they can do it, they will not be in the race.

Now, we have both the phones in the market, and already received the difference of views. Which analysis will prevail cannot be told right now, because it’s a volatile market and anything can happen anytime. So lets watch what is in store for BlackBerry, and meanwhile explore the new playground of BlackBerry 10.

image credit: gbrdotcom

Compare Sony Xperia S vs Arc S

Xperia S is Sony’s brainchild after the Ericsson buyout. As for skeptics who claimed that Sony was floating a sinking ship without Ericsson  well, they’ve been jolted out of this notion with the Xperia S! Sony’s new product made a huge bang with sizzling looks, ultra sleek design and powerhouse performance. The buyout has definitely not hurt Sony’s chances, the resulting product seems bigger,better and faster! Here’s to toasting a great phone from a single parent, lets compare Sony Xperia S with Arc S !

Sony’s Xperia Arc S is the upgraded version of the Xperia Arc,  a phone with great features but a sluggish processor. Sony has enhanced processing speed and the latest Android 2.3.4 Operating System on the Arc S, sister phone to the Arc. Coming from a family of great phones, the Xperia S and Arc S carries the line forward with ease and adds to Sony’s other accomplishments.

Design – Sony Xperia S

Sony is known for its innovative prowess when it comes to design and the Xperia S is no exception. Brilliantly crafted phone, with flat edges, a glass ring that runs around the bottom of the phone, the LED lighting up with each notification and the glass display makes this phone a work of art.

The best looking phone across bands, Sony gets full marks for looks and design. The icing on the cake is the capacitive buttons inside the glass ring running from the front to the back of the phone. Now that is genius!Sony Xperia SSony Xperia S DesignSony Xperia S - Slim View

Explore more about the [amazon_link id=”B007HJLCDG” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]user likes and design of Sony Xperia S from here[/amazon_link].

Design – Sony Xperia Arc S

The Arc S is an upgrade to the Arc. Meaning, you get the same stunning looks, design and build with better processing and performance. How was that for a great deal! The Arc S has a 4.2 inch screen, with Bravia Engine reality display like its predecessor, the Arc.

Sony’s screens have always been brilliantly responsive, bright and super sharp and the Arc S packs these features in.The resolution is 480X864p with scratch resistant glass. The phone has a plastic-chrome finish that needs to grow on you, not everyone takes to it at first glance. Unlike the Arc, the Arc S has an easier to find and see power button, flared chassis and sleek design. It is thin around the center and thicker at the edges making it easier to hold while giving the phone a stylish,chic look.

Full marks for design and build, the phone looks stunning!

You can explore more about the [amazon_link id=”B0061JP41Y” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]design of Sony Xperia Arc S from here[/amazon_link].Sony Xperia Arc SSony Xperia Arc S - Slim View

Features – Sony Xperia S

Sony phones have always been worth their salt and the Xperia S is a winning lottery ticket by comparison. The display is 4.3 inches, 1280 X 720p powered by Sony’s Bravia engine for a stunning visual experience.  Images, video and documents are crystal clear on the screen which beats even Apple’s iPhone 4S by a huge margin.

  • The back camera is a whooping 12.1 megapixel with 1080p recording and the front camera is 1.3 megapixel for video calling.
  • Taking shots with a smartphone has never been more fun and viewing the resulting images on the screen is sheer pleasure with such fantastic display.
  • Sony speakers have always been a carnival with clear, loud, thumping sound emanating from them. And so it is with Xperia S, with mind blowing x LOUD and 3D surround experience! Xperia S speakers pump it up even without being wired in.  The earphones are also clear, crisp and well shaped to fit into the ears without causing discomfort or pain.
  • Sony batteries usually last a decent interval and the Xperia S doesn’t depart from tradition in this. Xperia S has incorporated features to increase battery output by reducing unnecessary usage like back light.
  • Battery lasts a good length of time and you do not need to charge it more than once a day with average use.
  • The phone comes with internal memory of 16 or 32GB, that is more than enough for your audio needs but cannot be extended since there is no microSD slot.
  • There is a slot to the left for your SIM card so you never have to fiddle with the back of the phone which is sealed in.

The phone makes full use of the latest data transfer technology, incorporating Bluetooth  Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication(NFC)  that can be used to transfer music, video and images in a flash with another NFC enabled phones.

The below video shows the features of Xperia S with Android 4+ version.

Features – Sony Xperia Arc S

As with all Sony phones, the camera is top notch with 8MP resolution, smile detection, 3D sweep panorama and geo tagging capabilities. Video is 720p at the rate of 30 frames per second for smooth video capturing and playback. The phone still misses the front camera which could have been a real treat for customers. Speakers are loud, crystal clear and like all Sony phones have excellent equalizer settings for different genres of music like pop,jazz,rock and other genres.

  • The Arc S runs on Android 2.3.4 and leverages fully all the capabilities of android. It is upgradeable to android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The phone’s hardware works in perfect sync with the software so the phone is fast, responsive and easy to use.
  • It is one of the few phones where there is perfect harmony between Android and the underlying hardware. Normally, there is some lagging and sluggishness because of hardware and software but this doesn’t happen on the Arc S and is especially favorable while multitasking or gaming.
  • With the new processor, 1.4GHz this time, the phone is much faster than the Arc with smoother, quicker and better app switching, video and seamless switching between tasks.

The Arc S also comes with a 512MB RAM, 32GB SD card support and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support for data transfer.

Watch the below video shows unboxing the Arc S.

The Verdict

Sony’s Xperia Arc S is priced surprisingly low for the features it offers. A definite steal in smartphone market! Worth your time and money, these smartphones scores well in the looks and performance department and offers a great features for the amount you are investing.

Although there are not much difference between the S and Arc S, the new processor rates well in measurement yardsticks and tests. These smartphones are definitely worth for your money.

Sony Xperia Go vs Tipo Comparison and Review

The Sony-Ericsson collaboration has left us a legacy of great phones, each with unique features, top styling and brilliant performance. Post Sony-Ericsson, many expected Sony to take a hit and not deliver the same knockout punch it used to. They were wrong.

Post the Ericsson buyout, Sony is kicking like never before. Every release has topped smartphone charts, and the Xperia series is the prize feather in Sony’s cap. Here’s comparison of Sony Xperia Go and Sony Xperia Tip, Sony’s star addition to the Xperia range of phones.

Sony Xperia Go

Lets first review the features of Sony Xperia Go.

The Xperia Go is built for rough use and its makers have combined stylish design with rugged build. A marvelous feat in itself, for robust design usually sacrifices a phone’s look and feel. To create a phone that can withstand rough use and still look pretty speaks plenty about Sony’s right to rule phone markets. The Go is built to be water proof and dust proof, and is supported by an exterior with very few buttons and hardware.

Glass is scratch resistant and more durable than Gorilla glass used in other smartphones. The device can even be used with wet hands since it has wet tracking. A phone that can be used anywhere, from mountain peaks to beaches and executive suites.

You can find more [amazon_link id=”B008MG4500″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]user reviews on Sony Xperia Go[/amazon_link] and on [amazon_link id=”B0093HKO2U” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Sony Xperia Tipo here[/amazon_link].

Look and Feel

The phone looks similar to other Xperia phones with a slim, sleek body and rectangular edges. However the phone is gently rounded so it feels good on the palm rather than painful. It is slightly thicker than the Xperia S and Xperia U but not ungainly so. It comes with matte finish giving it an elegant,subtle look different from the glossy,polished to perfection look other phones have. Sony Xperia Go

  • The phone is extremely light, a surprising feature since most phones made for the outdoors are heavier than their more delicate counterparts.
  • The display is 3.5 inches with a 320X480 pixel resolution and powered by Sony’s very own Bravia engine, giving you a great visual experience.


  • The phone features a 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 8GB internal storage that is expandable upto 32GB since there is a microSD card slot incorporated into the design.

The phone is fast, smooth, no hanging or lagging. The battery is not long lasting and the phone needs to be charged almost everyday, that is definitely something that has regressed from other Sony phones, a slide from Sony’s established standards.Sony Xperia Go Yet Another Model

Camera and Music

The Hallmark of Sony’s phones is its camera. The camera is top quality, with good enough resolution and clarity to be used by professionals. The Go has a 5MP camera with LED illumination for diffused light conditions.

  • Videos are 720p HD resolution with 30 video frames per second.
  • There is no lagging or hanging between frames that makes for smooth, rich video. There isn’t a front mounted camera and video calling on this phone is not possible even though it supports 3G.

As with all Sony phones the speakers are of top quality for great, clear music.


The phone runs on Android 2.3, Gingerbread which is a pity since Ice Cream Sandwich would work great with the processor specs. Still, the phone performs well with 2.3, and is upgradable to ICS so that users dont’s miss out on the fun. There are great apps like timescape and PlayStore and for social butterflies, deep facebook integration.

Sony Xperia Go Video Review

The below video shows unboxing the Xperia Go.

Yet another view video to understand more about this smartphone.

Conclusion on Sony Xperia Go

A phone that deserves applause for its rugged persona and classy look and feel, the phone is a top rater on smartphone scales. Worth the price Sony is asking, you can go ahead and invest in this phone, you will not be disappointed!

Sony Xperia Tipo

Lets review the features of Sony Xperia Tipo.

Sony has always been backed by a family of great phones so when it launches a new product, there is a lot of interest and curiosity around the new product and its performance when compared to smartphone giants Samsung and Apple. Sony has carved a niche for itself with top quality, expert craftsmanship and classy design, setting it apart from its competition while still making it to the top league.

  • The Xperia Tipo Dual is Sony’s winning ticket in the smartphone-dual sim-touch-android sector. The Tipo comes under the Xperia umbrella and there are a lot of expectations riding on the phone because of the Xperia tag, that Sony has used to reestablish itself after the Ericsson buyout.
  • Here’s looking at the dual Sim advantage to the Xperia brand.

Phone Specs

Sony has departed from tradition with the tipo dual going for a shorter, thicker, wider design rather than slimmer, longer, sleeker that we see in other Xperia phones. The screen is a surprising 3.2 inches with a full plastic body and matte finish and scratch resistant mineral glass.Sony Xperia Tipo

  • The phone is 13mm thick and weighs 99 grams. Screen resolution is 480X320 pixels with good viewing angles.
  • The phone runs on an 800MHz processor and RAM of 512 MB. It comes with internal storage of 3GB expandable up to 32GB through the microSD slot built into the phone.


The tipo dual allows you to use 2 SIM cards inside the phone, ideal for business use.

The camera is 3.2 megapixel, not a fantastic resolution but takes good, crisp pictures. It offers features like white balance, night,day,snow and beach scenes with geo tagging capability. However there is no flash or auto focus. Video quality is good, not exceptional and allows you to capture clear, smooth video.

  • The surprise package in the phone is the speaker which is loud and clear.
  • Frequencies are covered well and Sony’s xLOUD features adds to the thump.
  • The music player plays a variety of audio formats like mp3, mp4, aac, wav, ota, ogg and amr.
  • Sony’s speakers and music system have always earned extra credit and it is the same with tipo dual. The speakers work well with different audio format and play rich, loud music.

The battery is 1500mAh and lasts a day and a half with average use. Battery life is better than that of some of its peers in the same league.

Operating System and Interface

The tipo dual runs on Android 4.0, Ice Cream sandwich which is a pleasant surprise! The phone integrates well with android to provide a seamless operating system with app switching, multitasking and process intensive apps that work smoothly with no lagging, hanging and sluggishness. The interface is well designed, easy to understand and use and comes with a host of fun apps that the user can explore and enjoy.

Sony Xperia Tipo Video Review

Here is a detailed review on the features of Tipo.

Yet another video review on Tipo.

Conclusion on Sony Xperia Tipo

The Xperia tipo dual from Sony is a smartphone that operates in the middle range league, pitted against Samsung’s Galaxy Y, LG Optimus and HTC Explorer. It does well against all competition, with great battery life, Android 4.0 and a brilliant music player.

The screen size could become a bone of contention among consumers, but processing speed and dual sim feature more than compensate for the size. Priced well, the phone offers better features for your money than Galaxy Y or HTC Explorer and is worth investing in.

You can place the order of [amazon_link id=”B008MG4500″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Sony Xperia Go here[/amazon_link] and on [amazon_link id=”B0093HKO2U” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Sony Xperia Tipo here[/amazon_link].

image credits: engadget, mouthshut

Visit the official site of Sony Xperia for detailed information on all their smartphones.

Samsung Mini Smartphone Review (Galaxy S III)

Samsung Mini Smartphone (Galaxy S III) is for you, if you are not feeling comfortable with the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III because it’s too large for your taste. It’s the latest addition to the company’s Smartphone gallery. This Smartphone closely takes after a small version of Galaxy S III but it’s more modest inside.

Looking superb, this Smartphone is affordable and has some unbeatable features in it. What follows is a modest and reliable review of this excellent Smartphone.Samsung Mini Smartphone

Design & Dimension.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII mini has come with a slim, light and very marvelous design that runs the latest version of the world’s most popular Smartphone operating system Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean and TouchWiz UX UI.

  • As for the dimension of this very smart and slim piece, it measures only 4.78 by 2.48 by 0.39 inches that is, 121.5 by 63 by 9.8 millimeters.
  • Beautifully lean and soft to the touch, this Smartphone weighs only 3.93 ounces or 112 grams and in no way a largest phone.
  • It very comfortably sits in your hand and you can put easily into your jeans pocket.

It is an organically designed Smartphone with curved edges and comfortable grip that you love to carry with you always. It comes in 2 different color choices: marble white that looks so brighter and pebble blue that looks so cool.

See what the real users of this Smartphone are feeling great about the design and [amazon_link id=”B00A29WCA0″ target=”_blank” ]its review here[/amazon_link].

Display (AMOLED).

Equipped with all the unique features available in the original SIII and Capacitive, Multi-touch display, the exact physical size of this Smartphone is 4 inches with the resolution display of 480 x 800 pixels (WVGA) that has uses light sensor and proximity sensor.

Samsung Mini Smartphone AMOLED Display

It features a pixel density of 233 pixels per inch. Super AMOLED technology is one of the secrets of the extra efficiency that gives vibrant experience in watching the screen either graphics or videos or even when you touch the screen. This is one of the most interesting feature of Samsung’s smartphones that you love-to-touch the screen as the display looks reality and it gives life too 😉

Memory and Connectivity.

As for the hardwares, this mini Smartphone features STE U8420 on chip, a Dual core 1000 MHz CPU and a Mali-400MP or graphics processing unit. As system memory, it has a 1024 MB RAM. It’s built-in memory capacity is admirable which is 16 GB. Excellent about this Smartphone is that it supports removable media storage up to 32 GB.

Like most other Smartphone, it comes with WiFi connectivity (802.11b/g/n standards) and hence you can browse/watch videos without hassles. It supports GSM 3G , HSUPA, EDGE / GPRS standards and you can keep it online 24×7 with any high speed 3G network. It has USB 2.0 connectivity only.

Camera and AV.

Samsung mini features a rear facing 5 megapixels camera with LED flash that allows you to capture 720p video at 30fps and 1280×720 resolution photos with facilities like Auto focus, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging.

Moreover, it’s really excellent that this Smartphone has also got a front-facing 0.3-megapixel camera for video calling or self-portrait photography. This is one of the good thing about Samsung that they are fulfill the user needs. It supports different video formats decoding like: H.264, MPEG-4, H.263, VC-1, WMV7 etc. and Audio formats decoding like: MP3, AAC, WMA etc.Samsung Mini Smartphone Camera on Rear

Yes, you can play a wide variety of music or video file format on the Smartphone. You can filter your files by Album, Artist as well as Playlists.

This player also features Album art cover, Background playback, Custom equalizer and Preset equalizer. This mini Smartphone has come with YouTube player to make sure that you don’t miss a single video on YouTube. It has FM Radio with Stereo speakers and RDS. I can experience life-like mind blowing stereo sound through both Earpiece and Loudspeakers.


Samsung Galaxy SIII mini has come with a pretty hefty 1500 mAh heavy duty battery which is capable of offering 14.16 hours (507 minutes) of talktime, 7.83 hours (453 minutes) of talktime (3G), 19.2 days (460 hours) of stand-by time and 15 days (360 hours) of stand-by time (3G).

The figures are pretty amazing and well proven through user experience.

Other features

Some other exciting and exclusive features of this Samsung Galaxy SIII mini are extra fast internet browser, built-in online service supports like Facebook, YouTube (upload), Picasa, Twitter, 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz GSM, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA 14.4 Mbit/s, HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s UMTS, EDGE, GPRS data handling, A-GPS, Glonass positioning system with navigation facility.

Still there are some others like Unlimited entries, Caller groups, Picture ID, Ring ID in phonebook, Calendar, Alarm and Calculator in organizer, etc.Samsung Mini Smartphone Apps from Android

Apart from Google Play store access, you get plenty of Apps from the Samsung store. It also comes with Music Hub, Readers Hub, Games Hub, Activesync etc. Apps that makes the Smartphone even more smarter. With S Suggest, you can instantly load great Apps into your mini phone without any long hunt on the stores. The Charton App allows you to get connected with your friends and family always for free-of-cost.

Finally, to be honest, Samsung Mini Smartphone Galaxy S III with dual core fast processor (1000 MHz), lots of RAM (1024 MB RAM) and NFC, this Smartphone has no known cons.

Specification of Samsung Mini Smartphone (Galaxy S III).

  • 1 GHz Dual Core processor
  • Android Jelly Bean OS
  • Super AMOLED Display (480 x 800, WVGA) with capacitive multi-touch
  • 2 Models 8GB/16 Memory
  • 2 Colors Marble White/Blue
  • Network connectivity: GSM 3G , HSUPA EDGE / GPRS (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHZ) HSPA 14.4 / 5.76 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4 + 5GHz
  • Support for USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Talk Time achieved by its battery – 850min (2G) / 470min (3G)
  • Supported Video Formats – H.264, MPEG-4, WMV etc.
  • High Definition  (720p) Video Playback supported + Recording upto 30 frames per second
  • Supported Audio Formats – MP3, AAC, WMA etc.
  • Front facing, rear facing cameras
  • More [amazon_link id=”B00A29WCA0″ target=”_blank” ]detailed information and order here[/amazon_link].

Video Review.

The below video shows a detailed review on this mini Smartphone.

Yet another hands-on review compared to the bigger Galaxy S III.

official: samsung mini galaxy s iii