Recon Jet Wearable Glass Review

If you are not a huge fan of Google Glass, I have something new for you 😉

That’s Jet Smart Glass from Recon Instruments.

This is a smart eye-wear device made for those enthusiasts who are more active especially on sports and fitness. It has a built-in camera, social sharing features + access to your Smartphone and you can see all the notifications in front of your eyes. For fitness freaks, you can enjoy sharing your metrics to Strava, MapMyFitness etc. It also has GPS and map facilities that will take you properly on the roads.

You can find more technical information about this Jet Glass here.recon-jet-wearable-glass

Yes, its light weight as expected – only ~3.2 ounces.

  • This smart glass is powered by an ARM Cortex-A9 processor which runs on 1 GHz speed.
  • This high speed processor is supported by 1 GB SDRAM which won’t lag you on any performance computing.
  • This smart glass has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • It also has a micro USB 2.0 slot and supports GPS connectivity.
  • You get 8 GB Internal flash memory for storage.
  • This smart glass has all type of sensors right from gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensor, IR sensor etc.
  • It also can connect to your standard WiFi network (supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n).
  • This device also supports ANT+ wireless protocol.

jet-smart-glass-on-rideThe screen measures 16:9 aspect ratio and display is WQ-VGA (Wide Quarter VGA resolution). Of course, its High Definition (HD) and the display appears at 7 feets from your eyes (as a 30 inch screen).

With Jet’s 30″ display, you will be amazed to see cool things in front of your eyes.

  • The touch interface is made to work even with gloves-on-hand and you can operate simply with your fingers.
  • The touch interface also looks stylish on side of the glass.
  • The GPS system and the motion tracker helps to collect all type of fitness data about your activities.

jet-glass-blackThe camera is placed at the front and the micro USB 2.0 slot is placed at the back-side.

You can also put it for charging in the standard USB way (I mean from your PC/Mac/Laptop etc).

  • Once connected to your Laptop, you can also customize the screen (on what to appear, what not to appear) according to your interests, from the Customizable Dashboard.
  • You can also access all the important activities from your Smartphone (supports Android, iPhone…) to share on-the-go.
  • The body is perfectly made that you can simply adjust the ear-stands by bending it.
  • You can also adjust to fit it on your nose according to your own comfort so that it won’t be shaky, when you run or jump faster.

When you switch it ON, the led glows and the display, starts appearing on your right eye without much disturbing the actual view. You can navigate the menus using your finger and touching on the pad that’s fit on the right side of the glass.

It has dual micro-phone and built-in speaker that won’t disappoint you. The camera is point-of-view that means it can capture, what you see from your eyes.

The battery is claimed to stand up to 4-hours of normal usage. You can also hand carry a spare battery for longer trips.

You can find what the real users are saying about this Jet Eye-wear.

This is an innovative device that brings all amazing stuffs in front of your eyes.

The following video shows a short test with this Jet Glass.

You must watch the official video on, how to get started with this Wearable Glass?

Yet another unboxing video, to understand what accessories are available in this purchased pack.

Meditation Gadget Muse How this Headband Senses Your Brain? Review

Do you meditate? Do you want to keep your mind always relaxed? Do you love to live peacefully? Of course, everyone wants to be live peace.

However, if you are really interested in meditation – you can consider this meditation gadget from Muse. Don’t believe, how it helps you to do meditation?meditation-gadget-muse

In this article, I will walk you through the interesting features of this meditation gadget and also, will see how it senses your brain? How it helps you to do better meditation?

What is Muse?

Basically, Muse is a headband that you can wear on your head while doing meditation. It has the built-in technology to sense the electrical signals of your brain. Looks like the same technology used by diagnostic equipments.

At the same time, I am not sure whether this will be harmful or harmless to your brain. Better you can consult your doctor before using it – that’s my personal opinion since it looks to be a sensitive gadget for me.

I see there are lot of [amazon_link id=”B00LOQR37C” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]positive reviews about this Muse[/amazon_link], you can also take a look before you buy it.muse-headband

Muse + App and How it works for Meditation?

Once you sit for meditation, fit this band on your head. It senses your brain signals and advices you on meditation as a tutor. The Muse App from your Smartphone interfaces with the headband. They communicate with each other and collects data about your brain signal and activities.

Looks, it analyzes the data and guides you accordingly. You can also track your progress and improvements of meditation using the Muse App.

The Muse App and head-band communicates using Bluetooth technology. The App is available on almost all the major App stores like: Google Play, Apple Store, Kindle Store etc.

Lets see little more details on how it works:

Step 1 – Connecting the Device.

First, you have to pair this device to your Smartphone or Tab via Bluetooth. You don’t really need to pair every time you use. The device and your Smartphone automatically works together.muse-paired-with-bluetooth

Step 2 – Monitoring with Muse.

Muse monitors your brain for about 60 seconds. It finds out how your brain is doing and collects the required data for processing. Then it sends the data, to your Smartphone App. The App analyzes the data and understands the state of your brain.meditation-gadget-working-with-muse-app

Step 3 – Workout with Muse.

Once the Muse understands the state of your brain, it starts the meditation session accordingly. It plays sounds like a wind blow, when your brain is too active and the wind calms down, when your brain calms. This way, you can try to keep your brain calm and silent.

Step 4 – Track with Muse.

By going through the session with this device, it collects all the results real-time and captures in your Smartphone App. It shows nice graphs on how you are progressing with session. It helps you to improve every-time better than before and keep your brain calm – stress free.

It would say, “this is an awesome technology for self-improvement”.

Other Features of Muse.

  • You have to charge the device, it comes with a micro-USB interface and any standard micro-USB cable can be used for charging it.
  • The data sharing between the head-band and App is real-time and hence you can even lively check the activities of yourself.
  • The App has motivating features like: setting up challenges and track your progress through milestones.
  • You will also get a Quick Starter Guide along with the Muse device, micro-USB charger on the new pack.
  • There is a orientation video which guides you on how to perfectly fit the head-band in order to make it work for you.

Using this device may help you to improve health, reduce mind stress and also, improves your concentration on regular practice.

Video Review of Muse, the meditation gadget.

Watch all the major features of this Muse device.

Yet another official video from Muse and find more technical info [amazon_link id=”B00LOQR37C” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]here[/amazon_link].

Sony Smart Watch 2 with Android and one-Touch NFC (SW2)

Looking for an Android based Smart Watch? Obviously, there are lot of smart watches available in the market. When it comes to Sony, I always won’t allow any secondary thought. Simply, I will go for it as I trust the brand Sony. That’s how most of the people believe in such great brand like Sony.


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This wearable era is booming like anything and right from watches, glasses, wallets all are becoming Smarter + tiny. With Android, you get great flexibility to use the smart devices with your Smartphones and Tablets.

NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity.

Sony’s SW2 is crafted to work with your Android Smartphones. It works great with Sony’s Xperia series.

It interacts with your Smartphone using Bluetooth 3.0 technology and you can almost interact remotely inside your home without disturbances.

This Smart Watch 2 comes with one-Touch NFC feature. You can share content from SmartWatch-to-Smartphone or SmartWatch-to-any other NFC supported device. You can also use the Bluetooth connectivity to transfer content, if the other device doesn’t support NFC technology.

This Smart Watch works along with Android Smartphones and Tablet PC’s which are having Android 4.0 (IceCreamSandwitch) and above.

Interaction and Apps.

There are specially made Apps on Google Play Store for this Smart Watch, you can load them to make your life simpler.

This Smart Watch 2 tracks everything for you: the incoming calls – it vibrates on your hand. You can make a call from the watch, get all notifications of your Android phone here.

It notifies you for facebook messages, SMS etc. You can also control the music from smart watch.

You can text messages, Send Tweets, Like on facebook. You can see Calendar, use Calculator, your favourite E-mail application etc. It comes with Walkmate and also, Runtastic that helps you to live fit and healthy.

Screen, Look-and-Feel.

It has a colourful touch screen (Transflective LCD display) where you can tap to Interact with this watch. SmartWatch 2 weighs only ~11 ounces and measures: ~3.5 inch x 3.3 inch x 4.4 inch and looks elegant +

You can dip this Smart Watch under water, yes its water resistant – You can touch, pinch and even swipe the screen to Interact.

The screen has 3 buttons: Home button, Back button and Menu/Options button. The design looks moulded – the dial and strap are put together neatly. It comes with 5 different colours – you can make your choice.

The body is made of Aluminium and band comes with Silicon or StainlessSteel.

The battery can stand up to 3 to 4 days (on prolonged use) and also, up to 6 to 7 days (on limited use). It can be charged using the standard micro USB interface.

You can [amazon_link id=”B00FB2XNCE” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]see what the real users[/amazon_link] are saying about this Smart Watch 2.

Technical Specification of Sony Smart Watch 2.

  • Transflective LCD Display
  • Screen Resolution: 220×176 pixels only
  • Touch Screen with Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth technology 3.0
  • micro USB interface (+ charging)
  • Call Interfaces (answer, mute, volume setup etc.)
  • Standard Notifications
  • SMS, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Works with Walkmate, Runtastic, Slideshow
  • Compatible with Android 4.0+ Smartphones
  • NFC Connectivity for content sharing

Video Review of Smart Watch 2.

The unboxing review of Sony SmartWatch, don’t miss it.

Yet another review to understand its major features.

Indigi Smart Watch For Android SmartPhone Review

Looking to show some style in your life? Then go for this Indigi Smart Watch. It works smart with an Android Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 3, Note 4 etc.

You will be amazed with the features: it has a built-in camera, touch screen interface, built-in GSM phone etc.

click here  for more information

click here for more information

For those, who are not comfortable in holding the Smartphone in hand, can go for this Indigi Smart Watch. In this article, I will walk you through some of the important features of this wearable smart watch.indigi-smart-watch-features

With lot of smart watches in the market, Indigi made a stylish one that you will love-to-use.indigi-smart-watch-look

  • It works via Bluetooth so you have to keep your Smartphone always Bluetooth enabled. You can take photographs directly from the watch, it comes with built-in camera. The photo will be stored into your Smartphone.
  • It also supports GSM SIM card slot (of type micro) and hence you can make calls directly from this watch as a cell-phone.
  • As a smart watch, you can make calls, answer calls of your Smartphone directly from this watch without touching your Smartphone (and without using its GSM SIM).
  • The touch screen display has a decent interface and it has caller-id (shows the contact name, number when your smartphone receives a call).
  • It comes with an integrated microphone, speaker and also, it has FM Radio feature.
  • Further, you can also perform all the basic operations of a Smartphone like: Alarm setup, Image Viewing, do a voice record, using Calendar, Calc etc.
  • It also has built-in music player and it catches all the important notifications from your Smartphone. Charging can be done through the micro USB port.
  • Pedometer interacts with your walking and captures all sort of data right from distance walked, calorie burnt etc.
  • Interestingly, this also monitors your sleep and actions on night-time. Helps you to monitor your sleeping performance and also, to schedule it.

This works best with Android based Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note4. It also works with iPhone’s however with a limited feature set.

Watch the below video to know how [amazon_link id=”B00XLYHRUS” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]this Indigi Smart watch[/amazon_link] works:

Yet another unboxing video review:

How Google Glass Works ? And Introduction To Google Glass Features

This technology is existent in hearing aids but was never used as an information relaying device with both audio and visuals for the wearer.

The Glass works much like City Lens in Nokia’s Lumia series, overlaying augmented reality data about the user’s surrounding that is supplied by Google’s own sat nav (satellite navigation) data.Google Glass

As an introduction…

  • The device has been designed for instant sharing and uploads images, video and audio on the go, online.
  • There is a power cable attached to the right side of the Glass frame that is used to recharge the device.
  • The prototype can currently store limited video file data and is expected to be tweaked for larger storage and battery power capabilities.
  • Google has filed a patent labeled “Wearable Computing Device with Indirect Bone-Conduction Speaker” to mark this technology that is used in the Glass.

The Glass also features a built in miniature camera that can be used to take good quality photographs. The screen in future models is expected to be AMOLED and feature motion sensors, GPS, 4G and connect to smart phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0. The Glass directly connects to cloud so all your content can be stored online within seconds.

How Google Glass Works ?

Watch the latest video to understand how Google Glass works…

Google is currently working on the Glass project to fit over people’s eyes that already have vision corrective glasses on.

Google Glass works by your voice command. You can speak to the glass and it gives you back response that’s the real experience you get from it.

When you say,

Ok Glass start recording – it starts a video recording of what you see through the Glass

Ok Glass take a picture – it snaps what you see through the Glass.

You can search for any information, see route map, ask questions, broadcast/share what you see – yes, it interacts and helps you with many stuffs + unlimited real life entertainment !

The current design is not inclusive of this group and the future variants are expected to address this issue. There is also the question of whether contact lenses can be embedded with micro technology to provide the same features and services Glass is currently equipped with.

  • Google’s focus is to bring every kind of information at your fingertips, or in this case at your retina with its attention to augmented reality. You could look for ATMs or book a table or find the near motel or gas station with just a pair of glasses if Google gets it right!

Here we go with the features and how it works on Google Glass.

  • Live record, Live photo and Share. You can record what you see through the Glass and also, take photo snaps of what you see through the Glass. You can also share them on social networking web sites.
  • SMS/Email on Eyes. You can read the new SMS or Emails as well as reply to them with your own Voice commands.
  • Voice Search. Like Google web search, you can ask or search for any information. It also reads back the results by Voice.
  • Google Maps Integrated. Google glass is integrated with our usual Google Maps and it takes you Live through the routes wherever you want to go.
  • Live Broadcast Yourself. You can broadcast what you are seeing through the Glass to your friends and family members, this is one of the amazing feature of Google Glass.
  • Google Now Integrated. This tracks your daily habit and suggests routes (based on traffic conditions), weather information  and to become betterment in your day-to-day habits.

Google Glass Works HerePublic release of Google Glass is expected to be in early 2014 by which time Google should have perfected many features like battery power, contact lenses, glasses and other minor enhancements we would love to see. Priced at a $1500, this is steep but for the kind of technology at your disposal it is fair to expect pricing that veers towards the higher side.

Once this hits stores, we will see living versions of the animated series, Johnny Quest , only in this case the wear has all the information about his current world on his screen instead of a make believe world.

Tech enthusiasts are very excited about this new gadget as is the general public. Once the Glass comes out, it is a whole new tech war with the battle of the senses that will be unleashed!

images: hypebeast, cnet

Cookoo SmartPhone Watch That Interacts With Your SmartPhone

Technology has taken over the lives. Cellphones, tablets, TV’s, PCs, cameras and many other innovative devices take care of our day to day living. So much so that a day without the phone or tablet feels like a void, we lose sense of what is happening. Fostering this era of gadgets and gizmos is the interfacing between different devices, PCs and tablets, cellphones as remote controls, TV and smartphones. The latest in line is high tech watches talking to smartphones and controlling them!

A start up at the Consumer electronics Showcase has unveiled a smart watch that can not only control Apple’s iPhone but also lasts upto a year on a standard button cell traditionally used in watches. Watches are now officially part of the “smart” bracket, with the Cookoo paving the way for faster, deeply integrated, better “smart watches”.

Cookoo SmartPhone Watch Features

Cookoo SmartPhone Watch

  • The watch is controlled by Bluetooth ([amazon_link id=”B00BB78Q0W” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]more info on Cookoo watch[/amazon_link]), so any messages, updates, emails and calls to your phone is immediately transmitted to the watch and relevant information is presented on the watch face.
  • By design, the watch is heavyset and better suited to the male wrist than the more slender female wrist.
  • It is elegantly built with classy analog hands that show time like any other high end watch. This is where the similarity ends, even with top-notch watches.
  • The Cookoo goes a step further with a digital face beneath the hands to display digital indicators from your smartphone.
  • The watch can give you information like email and Facebook updates, messages from friends, information about callers and missed calls, appointments and even works as a remote trigger for the smartphone camera to click a picture. Cookoo’s unveiling in Las Vegas generated great excitement in the CES, with its release heralding a new era of phone-watch interfacing and remote control.
  • Holding the connect button for 3 seconds will put the SmartPhone watch ON or OFF.
  • The Command buttons are customizable that you can setup your own action for each type of inputs like long press, medium press, short press.
  • This SmartPhone watch is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd as well as 4th generation devices.

Using a series of beeps and vibrations, the watch can alert you of a call you are receiving or of any calls you have missed. Bluetooth communication has gone beyond mere audio and video transfer between phones.  The watch comes with different colors and you can pick a favorite one as you like.Cookoo Different Color Models

It can now be used to communicate with watches, headsets for hands free service while driving, in offices, or even at home.

The Cookoo illustrates the power of technology and the rapid pace at which it is advancing. As of today, it doesn’t have Android support and it is expected to available in near future.

  • In spite of continuously running, the watch lasts up to a year on standard battery. This is made possible because of Bluetooth 4.0, a low energy version of the original Bluetooth technology.
  • An app from the iPhone 4S and above series enables communication between the phone and the watch via Bluetooth  The only downside to this ingenious device is that few smartphones today have the capability and hardware chip support for low energy Bluetooth transfer.
  • This iPhone App helps to locate the watch remotely. Once you activate Find from the app, it sends a trigger and the watch beeps/alarms for few seconds so that you can locate it.

Thus this watch is limited to the high end phone market that supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Cookoo SmartPhone Watch Weared on-hand

ConnecteDevice is the start up that makes the Cookoo and has smartly priced the watch at a justified approx $130. A watch and quasi phone, the Cookoo provides a new, fresh interesting turn to the gadgets currently available in the markets today. Most new companies are focusing on powerful, feature-packed phones and tablets to get ahead of competition. ConnecteDevice, however seems to be thinking out of the box to create new, funky, useful devices that will flood tech markets.

Cookoo SmartPhone Watch Video Review

The below video shows unboxing the Cookoo SmartPhone watch and detailed review of all its features.

[amazon_link id=”B00BB78Q0W” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Order Cookoo from Amazon[/amazon_link]

Here is the official video that shows how Cookoo interacts with your iPhone’s.

Yet another video about Cookoo from CES 2013.

New Google Glass The Latest Revolution May Hit Market In 2014

Computers are becoming smaller and smaller day by day. From the days of ENIAC, the size of computer has reduced from a building to the palm of your hand. However, Google has forwarded one step and made the computer a wearable device. The Google glassit is the latest computer built in the frame of a pair of glasses.

New Google GlassThe Google glass was first announced in April 2012, under “Project Glass”. The announcement came on Google+, publishers were Babak Parviz – the electrical engineer, Steve Lee – the project manager and Sebastian Thrun – the Vice President of Google and founder of Google X Lab.

Since its announcement the Google Glass has received a positive response. In the very first week of the announcement, the post on Google+ received huge comments, suggestions and feedback. From that moment on, tech savvies around the globe started following the Google glass.

As it has appeared, the Google glass looks like just a pair of normal eye glasses, where the glass or plastic lenses are replaced by an augmented reality HUD or heads-up display. A HUD is actually a transparent display where data is displayed in such a way that user does not need to look away from the usual view point to view the display – a technology initially used in military aircraft  later adopted in commercial airliners, automobiles etc.

  • Google glass is voice controlled and it represents the information in “smartphone-like” format.
  • It beams the information directly into your field of vision and responds as you say.
  • In the first video release, Google glass is displayed to work as per instruction “spoken” to it. Even a reply of SMS was sent while eating by voice command. In this video, Google glass was displayed as a futuristic device that puts your smartphone into your sunglasses or spectacles and projects its contents for some voice-activated fun.

Google glass was a major topic of talking throughout the whole 2012. In January 2013, it gets the hype again when a US regulator published some new details on it. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s website releases a test report. In this report it is described that “video playing on the device alongside audio running to a ‘vibrating element’.

The description tallies with a patent filing suggesting it plays sound via “bone-conduction” tech rather than earbuds.”

It was speculated that the Google glass will hit the market by the end of 2014.

Though Google glass created very much hype among the tech savvy people, but Google is not the only company to develop wearable technology. Motorola Solutions announced HC1 headset computer system which is a rig controlled by voice and gesture.

  • An Airwave – ski goggles was announced by Oakley. This goggles comes with a built-in screen that displays the speed, size of jumps and the information of the music it is playing.In Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show, several other wearable technologies were show cased. Among them were Vuzix’s Android-powered M100 smartphone, a set of digital glasses from Microsoft etc.

The new era of computing is certainly knocking at door, but it is still unclear how this technology will be received in the market and what will be their future, or will they create new future for market.

Here is a latest documentary on Google Glass that i found on Youtube…

Looxcie Ear Wearable Digital Camera for iPhone and Android (Bluetooth Enabled)

Looxcie ‘wearable’ camcorder nоw compatible wіth iPhone, Android smartphones. Once оnlу compatible wіth thе Android smartphone set, thе wearable Looxcie LX1 hаѕ bееn optimized tо work wіth thе iPhone.

The Bluetooth-enabled, 1.0-ounce video cam fits аrоund thе ear аnd саn record uр tо fоur hours оf continuous video оn аftеr а full battery charge. Sporting аn HVGA resolution camera, thе LX1 hаѕ еnоugh onboard storage space fоr uр tо fоur hours оf footage аѕ well.

  • The smartphone соmеѕ іn аѕ thе viewfinder, аnd thе handheld саn bе uѕеd tо upload video clips tо Facebook, YouTube аnd e-mail clients.
  • Users wіll nееd tо download thе free app tо mаkе uѕе оf thіѕ feature.
  • Otherwise, thе MP4 files саn bе transferred tо а PC оr Mac vіа USB.
Looxcie Ear Wearable Digital Camera

Looxcie Ear Wearable Digital Camera

Note thаt LX1 іѕ compatible оnlу wіth thе iPhone 3GS аnd 4 models, аѕ wеll аѕ smartphones running Android 2.0 оr higher.

Recording аt а max оf 480p, thе Looxcie 2’s video quality mау nоt bе thе mоѕt impressive, but оnсе уоu realize уоu аrе wearing а video camera оn уоur head, уоu mау nоt mind.

If уоu hаvе еvеr wished thаt уоur Bluetooth headset соuld аlѕо function аѕ а video camera, thе Looxcie 2 mау bе уоur thing.

Weighing іn аt lеѕѕ thаn аn ounce, thе Looxcie 2 іѕ smaller аnd lighter іtѕ predecessor. Recorded videos саn bе instantly uploaded tо Facebook, YouTube аnd Twitter іn еіthеr 320p оr 480p, nеіthеr оf whісh іѕ раrtісulаrlу impressive. (Users саn select thе video resolution vіа Looxcie’s iOs аnd Android apps.)

Showing Looxcie on-action

Showing Looxcie on-action

The Looxcie 2 соmеѕ іn twо flavors, оnе capable оf 5 hours (4GB) оf video storage аnd thе оthеr 10 hours (8 GB). But storage capacity mау nоt matter, соnѕіdеrіng thаt thе device’s 365mAh battery саn оnlу lаѕt fоr uр tо fоur hours оf continuous recording bеfоrе conking out.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B004DI7F76″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Looxcie camera here[/amazon_link].

Major Features of Looxie Wearable Digital Camera:

  • Easy-to-Wear and light weight (less than 28 grams)
  • Bluetooth Enabled (upto 10m range) works with iPhone (also, iPad, iPod), Android devices
  • Store upto 4 hours of video and 3 hours of instant clips
  • Li Po battery for longer record
  • Quality audio with SiMEMS mics
  • Comes with power supply for wall charging
  • Supports MP4 recording

The following sample video is from Looxcie 1 model:

Here is the Looxcie 2 video which shows all its great features: