BenQ LED Screen Gaming Monitor Review (Model – RL2455HM)

Most of the time, the question comes to my mind: why do we need a gaming monitor? what’s so special with that when compared to a regular monitor. Though I am not a gaming expert, I used to play games only on my mobile and Tab.

However, when I watched someone playing with a gaming monitor on a neary-by studio, I was amazed by seeing the clarity of the motion picture.

I realized, how the technology had made it the best to the specialized market like: gaming. Today, I thought of sharing you few of the best features of a LED screen gaming monitor from BenQ. The Model RL2455HM is one of the best selling BenQ’s gaming monitor on various online stores.


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Let me review the technical details of it.

Uses RevolutionEyes Technology.

This BenQ model uses the RevolutionEyes technology which improves almost all the performance of the monitor like: viewing resolution, clarity, faster refresh rate.

This really makes you feel comfortable especially, when you sit before the monitor for longer time. This happens obviously with any gamer because you will be sitting before the monitor playing games most of the time.

eQualizer and ZeroFlicker Technology.

It also uses ZeroFlicker Technology which gives you better viewing experience without those odd lines (that appears when you keep the monitor ON for longer time).

It also has motion blur reduction technology that improves clarity of high speed games where the pictures used to move faster. Also, the 1 millisecond GTG (Gray-To-Gray) Response time improves motion performance further.

The eQualizer features lot of options to control the screen. You can adjust the picture visibility especially to enhance the darker parts of a picture (say, a dark object that comes on the game can be brighten by this feature).

This monitor also has customized mode for specific games like: RTS1 made for [amazon_link id=”B000ZKA0J6″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]StarCraft[/amazon_link] game and RTS made for DOTA-II.

Other Features.

  • You can use the monitor with 4 different customization. That means, you can configure the screen for 4 different games/users and apply them accordingly when required (like: 17″ 19″ 22″ 23″ screen size).
  • You can also scale the picture to different resolution without losing the quality of game – it has Smart Scaling feature.
  • The control buttons on the side including the Power button, menu navigation up/down, volume +/- buttons. The back side has the holes made for you so that you can mount this monitor on wall.
  • It also comes with an earphone jack and 2 HMDI ports on the back side of this monitor.
  • The stand assembly looks to be simple and you can easily mount the monitor on your table.
  • This is Windows 8 compatible gaming monitor and its a plug-n-play (that means, when you connect it to your windows system, it automatically starts working).


There are 2 screen varieties from BenQ: RL2455HM (24 inch screen) and RL2755HM (27 inch screen).

Technical Specification of RL2455HM Gaming Monitor:

More detailed information about [amazon_link id=”B007HSKSMI” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]RL2455HM here[/amazon_link].

  • Screen resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Colors: ~16.7 Million
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 type
  • Weight: ~4.10 Kg
  • ZeroFlicker Technology
  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • 17 different OSD languages
  • Black eQualizer Support
  • Different display mode: 17 inch to 24 inch width
  • Smart Scaling Support
  • Monitor color: Black or Red

Video Review.

Watch the unboxing video of BenQ RL2455HM.

Yet another cool video from Newegg.

5 Home Theater Projectors with 1080p HD Support

If you are looking for a Home Theater Projector with 1080p (Full HD video) support then you are in the right page today. It is a good idea to have a projector in your home that doubles your entertainment every day. If you won a DVD player or Set-Top or Blu-Ray Player, you can connect it to a Home Theater Projector to watch full screen videos in your home itself without going to cinema halls.

Full High Definition (HD) is the 1080p video format, it is a progressive based output which goes to maximum video resolution and hence delivers high quality video output on-screen. To help you, i spent few hours over the web and identified the best selling Home Theater projectors with 1080p video format support. Lets get into the list….

Optoma HD20 Home Theater Projector.

This is a 1080p HD supported Home Theater projector made by Optoma, one of the famous supplier of DLP based projectors. It supports 1.2x manual zoom and it comes with reliable lamp life (around 3k-4k hours). The output can be expanded up to 300″ big screen and hence you can use it on large halls too.

The weight of this project is 6.4 pounds and it measures 12.76″x3.82″x9.21″ only. It comes with 2x HDMI output, 1x VGA-Input and also component, composite outputs. The HD20 model doesn’t supports 3D, if you are looking for a 3D enabled model from Optoma then go for [amazon_link id=”B002ZWU33U” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]HD66 (supports 3D)[/amazon_link]. You can connect your Players, gaming consoles, Smartphones, iPad, Tablet PCs etc. anything that has video/audio output and watch on big screen.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B002G0CWSU” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Optoma HD20[/amazon_link].

Optoma Home Theater Projector 1080p Supported

Optoma Home Theater Projector 1080p Supported

ViewSonic PRO8200 Home Theater Projector.

Yet another 1080p Home Theater projector now from ViewSonic with resolution goes up to 1920×1080. The lamp life is pretty good (4k – 6k hours), when compared to the Optoma HD20 model. It comes with 2x stereo speakers (10W) and it supports Brilliant Color technology that delivers high quality video color output. As you know, this is a DLP based projector delivers better output than traditional LCD based video display, it gives life to the video and you can definitely feel the difference in output when you compare it with your HDTV.

It supports 1.5x optical zoom and you can also enable PIP (a technology to display Picture-in-Picture). It comes with 3 Years limited part Warranty and 1 Year Lamp Warranty.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B00465W7EC” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]ViewSonic PRO8200[/amazon_link].

ViewSonic PRO8200 Home Theater Projector

ViewSonic PRO8200 Home Theater Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010.

Epson is one of the famous Projector maker, not only projectors they are most famous for printers and scanners. The Home Cinema 3010 model is a full HD 1080p supported projector with 3D support. You get two pairs of 3D glasses with this projector and it has built-in 2x stereo speakers (10w). This is awarded as the best selling projector as of today and it is highly energy efficient. The lamp lasts up to 4k hours and interestingly, you can split the display screen, there are 3 layouts to choose from. The look n feel is elegant and it weighs 18.8 pounds only.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B002RL8IHM” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Epson Powerlite projector[/amazon_link]

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema

BenQ MX511 Projector.

If you are looking for most beautiful projector, you can go for BenQ. It is stylish and the body looks so great that you can keep anywhere visible in your home. It also supports 1080p full HD video and also works with low resolution display like 480i, 480p etc. It has 1x HDMI, 1x Composite output, 2x Component outputs, 1x Serial connector. This MX511 model is 3D ready and comes with built-in stereo speakers.The lamp runs around 4.5k to 6k hours and weighs 7.5 lbs only.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B003UES9W4″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]BenQ MX511 Projector[/amazon_link].

BenQ MX511

BenQ MX511

Vivitek 3000 Lumen 1080p Projector.

Yet another 1080p home theater projector with DLP technology and delivers Brilliant Color output (with Vividwheel 3). It supports both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and video resolution goes up to 1080p format. It has 2x HDMI output, component, composite outputs along with S-Video support. The lamp lasts up to 6k hours and comes with keypad lock to avoid any accidental key press. It has a built-in mono speaker of 5W only. It weighs 7.9 pounds.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B002I6319Q” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Vivitek 1080p Projector[/amazon_link].

Vivitek 1080p Home Theater Projector

Vivitek 1080p Home Theater Projector

These are the 5 best Home Theater projectors with 1080p (Full HD) video format support. It is a good choice to buy a home theater projector, you can definitely feel the difference, when compared to your HDTV output.

If you are really crazy about watching movies and playing games, you can go for a home theater projector.

Good Luck !

Buy 3D Ready Projector – List of 3D Ready Projectors

3D Ready Projector

3D Ready Projector

3D ready projectors are selling hot in the market as people now-a-days expecting great entertainment in their home. With the 3D television sale skyrocketing on one-side, people are moving further steps ahead towards 3D projectors. The greatest advantage of 3D ready projector is that, you gain the maximum theater experience in your home. When it comes to buying decision, there are good number of projector brands available in the market.

Lets see the list of best 3d ready projectors before you buy.

Optoma HD66 3D Ready DLP Projector

It is a DLP based projector with support for 2500 Lumens. It is capable of  projecting the video on a 300″ wall screen as well as gives High Definition output up to 720p resolution. You could connect your players to watch 3D movies/videos and even your game console to experience full 3D joy gaming. The projector is enabled with NVIDIA 3D Vision and it supports XGA and SVGA resolutions apart from 720p HD support. It has HDMI, USB interfaces.

Read the detailed review of Optoma Home Theatre DLP Projector and more information on [amazon_link id=”B002ZWU33U” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Optoma HD66[/amazon_link].

Acer H5360 3D Projector

This is a DLP 3D ready projector supporting 3D video display, compatible with all major 3D glasses as well. It supports HD video display up to 720p resolution and also it is compatible with different types of outputs like NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HDTV etc. It also supports UXGA with maximum of 1080p HD resolution presenting high quality video on-screen.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B0036R9ZKA” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Acer H5360[/amazon_link].

ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Ready Projector

It has a 5-segment color wheel (RGB WY) and ViewSonic claims, it gives better color quality when compared to regular DLP based 4-segment projectors. This projector is closed caption ready and hence it could decode, display the CC while you watch movies with CC support. Its resolution goes up to 1280×800 (WXGA resolution) on a wider screen supporting up to 120Hz frame rates. The video appears clear and brighter with a 3000 Lumens support. It supports HD resolution up to 720p with different output formats like NTSC & PAL.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B0033PRQE2″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]ViewSonic 3D Projector[/amazon_link].

Vivitek D510 HDMI 3D Ready Projector

It uses BrilliantColor, DLP projection technologies delivering high quality sharp images. It is a closed caption ready projector and it supports up to 2600 lumens brightness, works best with varying room light conditions. Its light weight (only 4.2 pounds) when compared to other models of 3D projectors in the market. It has HDMI support as well as SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA etc. It is compatible with both PC and MAC based systems. You could connect your best 3DTVs through the HDMI interface to watch all your favorite 3D contents.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B003A4HE8Y” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Vivitek D510[/amazon_link].

InFocus IN102 Portable 3D Projector

Yet another DLP based projector with an average lamp life of 4000 hours. The display supported are UXGA (1600×1200) resolution with 2 VGA, S Video, Composite input ports. The brightness support goes up to 2700 lumens and it has digital zoom to magnify a portion of the displayed image.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B002ZSHSEG” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]InFocus 3D Projector[/amazon_link].

BenQ MX511 DLP 3D Ready Projector

One of the best model released by BenQ and it supports native XGA resolution (1024×728) which supports high quality video presentation. Yes, it supports all HD video formats like 720p, 1080i and 1080p display formats. It also support the low SD resolution formats like 480i, 480p etc. It uses DLP link 3D technology and it is best compatible with BenQ 3D glasses. It supports 2700 lumens brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio, works well on varying light levels. It has various input ports like HDMI, Composite (analog), Component and S-Video.

More information on [amazon_link id=”B003UES9W4″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]BenQ MX511[/amazon_link].