Meditation Gadget Muse How this Headband Senses Your Brain? Review

Do you meditate? Do you want to keep your mind always relaxed? Do you love to live peacefully? Of course, everyone wants to be live peace.

However, if you are really interested in meditation – you can consider this meditation gadget from Muse. Don’t believe, how it helps you to do meditation?meditation-gadget-muse

In this article, I will walk you through the interesting features of this meditation gadget and also, will see how it senses your brain? How it helps you to do better meditation?

What is Muse?

Basically, Muse is a headband that you can wear on your head while doing meditation. It has the built-in technology to sense the electrical signals of your brain. Looks like the same technology used by diagnostic equipments.

At the same time, I am not sure whether this will be harmful or harmless to your brain. Better you can consult your doctor before using it – that’s my personal opinion since it looks to be a sensitive gadget for me.

I see there are lot of [amazon_link id=”B00LOQR37C” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]positive reviews about this Muse[/amazon_link], you can also take a look before you buy it.muse-headband

Muse + App and How it works for Meditation?

Once you sit for meditation, fit this band on your head. It senses your brain signals and advices you on meditation as a tutor. The Muse App from your Smartphone interfaces with the headband. They communicate with each other and collects data about your brain signal and activities.

Looks, it analyzes the data and guides you accordingly. You can also track your progress and improvements of meditation using the Muse App.

The Muse App and head-band communicates using Bluetooth technology. The App is available on almost all the major App stores like: Google Play, Apple Store, Kindle Store etc.

Lets see little more details on how it works:

Step 1 – Connecting the Device.

First, you have to pair this device to your Smartphone or Tab via Bluetooth. You don’t really need to pair every time you use. The device and your Smartphone automatically works together.muse-paired-with-bluetooth

Step 2 – Monitoring with Muse.

Muse monitors your brain for about 60 seconds. It finds out how your brain is doing and collects the required data for processing. Then it sends the data, to your Smartphone App. The App analyzes the data and understands the state of your brain.meditation-gadget-working-with-muse-app

Step 3 – Workout with Muse.

Once the Muse understands the state of your brain, it starts the meditation session accordingly. It plays sounds like a wind blow, when your brain is too active and the wind calms down, when your brain calms. This way, you can try to keep your brain calm and silent.

Step 4 – Track with Muse.

By going through the session with this device, it collects all the results real-time and captures in your Smartphone App. It shows nice graphs on how you are progressing with session. It helps you to improve every-time better than before and keep your brain calm – stress free.

It would say, “this is an awesome technology for self-improvement”.

Other Features of Muse.

  • You have to charge the device, it comes with a micro-USB interface and any standard micro-USB cable can be used for charging it.
  • The data sharing between the head-band and App is real-time and hence you can even lively check the activities of yourself.
  • The App has motivating features like: setting up challenges and track your progress through milestones.
  • You will also get a Quick Starter Guide along with the Muse device, micro-USB charger on the new pack.
  • There is a orientation video which guides you on how to perfectly fit the head-band in order to make it work for you.

Using this device may help you to improve health, reduce mind stress and also, improves your concentration on regular practice.

Video Review of Muse, the meditation gadget.

Watch all the major features of this Muse device.

Yet another official video from Muse and find more technical info [amazon_link id=”B00LOQR37C” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]here[/amazon_link].

Plantronics Voyager Wireless Headset

Last time, we discussed about the features and usage of the light weight Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset, now my attention was grabbed by Voyager Headset. Voyager is a Bluetooth enabled Wireless headset and this is one of the popularly sold headset model from Plantronics.

This gadget simply fits over your ear and you can use it hands free on-the-go while driving your car or walking on the roads – works with your iPhone, Android Smartphones or any Bluetooth enabled device. The design looks professional and your look will be amazed by every one when you wear this headset.

Voyager Wireless Headset

Voyager Wireless Headset

Let’s get into the detailed features of this headset.

Audio and Noise Block Technology.

With Voyager, you can stream music from any Bluetooth player or your mobile phones, podcasts, get GPS directions from a GPS enabled device. The audio level adjusts intelligently based on the surrounding noise and it also blocks external noise using AudioIQ2 technology. The headset’s microphone is made of 3-layer WindSmart technology which blocks wind noise employed with acoustic filters and electro-filters. Hence you won’t be roused by external noises while you are connected to this headset.

Design and Connectivity.

This headset interacts with you by voice alerts. You get voice alerts on talk time duration, low battery alerts, phone connection status etc. If you have an iPhone, you can monitor the battery level from iPhone itself.

Further, this headset is so soft to hold and it weighs only 8.8 ounces, you can wear it for extended hours with comfort. It has the capability to connect with multiple Bluetooth devices, yes you can connect this headset to 2 Bluetooth devices (say your own smart phone as well as to your tablet).

This headset stands up to approx. 6 hours of continuous talk and approx. 120 hours on standby. You can also connect to a USB enabled device through the mini USB port.

Image shows Microphone, Headset Design

Image shows Microphone, Headset Design

Voice Control (Vocalyst).

You can also get a subscription to Plantronics Vocalyst a service that provides you great features like: voice control, text services that reads Twitter feeds/emails for you. You can simply command the headset to read your emails, text messages etc. You can also heed to latest news and weather news. You can also record reminders and it alerts you back by an email. You can associate Vocalyst’s email to your favorite mail services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail etc.

The box contains:

  • Voyager Wireless Headset
  • USB Cable
  • AC adapter/charger

Find out the pros and cons of this [amazon_link id=”B0043EV20G” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Voyager Wireless Headset and user reviews[/amazon_link]  before you Order.

Summary of features…

  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet’s
  • Multi-Device Bluetooth connectivity
  • Voice based commanding (with Plantronics Vocalyst)
  • Batter power up to 6 hours (5 days on standby)
  • Charge via micro USB port
  • A2DP Audio technology support
  • Dual-mic microphones
  • Wind noise reduction (windsmart) technology with winscreens
  • Audio IQ2, DSP based noise cancellation technology
  • Weighs: approx 17 grams
  • Call Answer/End control
  • Audio Mute/Unmute control
  • iPhone Battery Meter
  • Streaming music, podcasts etc.
  • Get GPS directions
  • Softwares: InstantMeeting for conference calls, WorkSnug for mobile workers

Video Review.

See the below official video of Plantronics Voyager…

Another video review of this headset…

official: voyager

Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset

The recent entry into the CS series of Plantronics is the CS540 Wireless Headset. This light weight headset comes with an elegant design with increased performance than before in both sound quality and distance coverage. You can wear it simply and hear to your favorite music on-the-go without any hassles.

Plantronic CS540 Wireless Headset

Plantronic CS540 Wireless Headset

This Plantronics CS540 wireless headset weighs only 21 grams and it has a good battery backup. The battery stands up to 7 hours of continous talking and the wireless coverage goes up to 350 feet without disturbance in the voice. It’s technology enables noise free audio and best suites for a conference call.

It comes with a elegant magnetic headset dock and also, it has most of the controls like volume +/- one-touch call answer/reject, mute/unmute etc. This headset is tiny and measures 6.5″ x 1.2″ x 6.5″ only. This headset is suitable to work with any Bluetooth enabled devices or smartphones or Tablets etc. either you hear to music or a voice chat on Skype.

Lets summarize the major features of CS540:

  • Sound guard technology for enhanced audio output
  • WiFi interference elimination (with DECT technology)
  • Wireless coverage up to 350 feet
  • Volume +/-, mute/unmute, call reject/accept control
  • Suitable for high quality conference calls
  • Stands up to 7 hours (battery backup)
  • Explore more on the [amazon_link id=”B005HS5MKS” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]users review on CS540[/amazon_link] and price.
Headset - Full View

Headset - Full View

The following video shows the Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset Setup, Installation and Demo:

official: plantronics

Bluetooth Streaming Music Speaker (iPhone 4S Siri Compatible)

Now you can interact with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone or device through this speaker. Either its streaming music or if you want to command the iPhone’s Siri – just do all these with a single press of phone button.

The Hipe Bluetooth speaker is a hands-free one that you can place or even hang it anywhere in your home or while you move. You can stream the audio from any Bluetooth enabled device either from your iPhone or any smart phones or Tablets – you can hear to favorite musics without taking the device in hand or without messy cable connections.

  • Interestingly, this Hipe Bluetooth speaker is water proof and you can use it around the pool area without worries. However, the product description says – you should not immerse in water but i can with stand powerful water jets :)

The speaker has all basic controls like: play, pause, volume +/-, forward/backward as well as Phone call Accept/Reject buttons. It runs up to 25 hours and the battery backup looks pretty good. It measures 8″x3.5″x1.8″ in size and weighs around 14 oz.

Hipe Bluetooth Streaming, Water Proof Speaker

Hipe Bluetooth Streaming, Water Proof Speaker

Lets summarize the features:

  • Bluetooth (version 2.1) music streaming
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S siri and other Bluetooth devices
  • Noise suppression and Echo cancellation support
  • Battery backup up to 25 hours
  • Water proof

The following video shows the Water Proof streaming Bluetooth speaker under Shower: 😉

More details on this [amazon_link id=”B005Z3GINK” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]speaker and features here[/amazon_link].