BenQ LED Screen Gaming Monitor Review (Model – RL2455HM)

Most of the time, the question comes to my mind: why do we need a gaming monitor? what’s so special with that when compared to a regular monitor. Though I am not a gaming expert, I used to play games only on my mobile and Tab.

However, when I watched someone playing with a gaming monitor on a neary-by studio, I was amazed by seeing the clarity of the motion picture.

I realized, how the technology had made it the best to the specialized market like: gaming. Today, I thought of sharing you few of the best features of a LED screen gaming monitor from BenQ. The Model RL2455HM is one of the best selling BenQ’s gaming monitor on various online stores.


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Let me review the technical details of it.

Uses RevolutionEyes Technology.

This BenQ model uses the RevolutionEyes technology which improves almost all the performance of the monitor like: viewing resolution, clarity, faster refresh rate.

This really makes you feel comfortable especially, when you sit before the monitor for longer time. This happens obviously with any gamer because you will be sitting before the monitor playing games most of the time.

eQualizer and ZeroFlicker Technology.

It also uses ZeroFlicker Technology which gives you better viewing experience without those odd lines (that appears when you keep the monitor ON for longer time).

It also has motion blur reduction technology that improves clarity of high speed games where the pictures used to move faster. Also, the 1 millisecond GTG (Gray-To-Gray) Response time improves motion performance further.

The eQualizer features lot of options to control the screen. You can adjust the picture visibility especially to enhance the darker parts of a picture (say, a dark object that comes on the game can be brighten by this feature).

This monitor also has customized mode for specific games like: RTS1 made for [amazon_link id=”B000ZKA0J6″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]StarCraft[/amazon_link] game and RTS made for DOTA-II.

Other Features.

  • You can use the monitor with 4 different customization. That means, you can configure the screen for 4 different games/users and apply them accordingly when required (like: 17″ 19″ 22″ 23″ screen size).
  • You can also scale the picture to different resolution without losing the quality of game – it has Smart Scaling feature.
  • The control buttons on the side including the Power button, menu navigation up/down, volume +/- buttons. The back side has the holes made for you so that you can mount this monitor on wall.
  • It also comes with an earphone jack and 2 HMDI ports on the back side of this monitor.
  • The stand assembly looks to be simple and you can easily mount the monitor on your table.
  • This is Windows 8 compatible gaming monitor and its a plug-n-play (that means, when you connect it to your windows system, it automatically starts working).


There are 2 screen varieties from BenQ: RL2455HM (24 inch screen) and RL2755HM (27 inch screen).

Technical Specification of RL2455HM Gaming Monitor:

More detailed information about [amazon_link id=”B007HSKSMI” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]RL2455HM here[/amazon_link].

  • Screen resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Colors: ~16.7 Million
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 type
  • Weight: ~4.10 Kg
  • ZeroFlicker Technology
  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • 17 different OSD languages
  • Black eQualizer Support
  • Different display mode: 17 inch to 24 inch width
  • Smart Scaling Support
  • Monitor color: Black or Red

Video Review.

Watch the unboxing video of BenQ RL2455HM.

Yet another cool video from Newegg.