iHome Portable Speaker for iPad

iHome Portable Speaker for iPad (compatible with iPhone, iPod)

Have an iPad ? Looking for a portable speaker ? then you are in the right page today. Introducing you the Apple multi-product compatible iHome Portable Speaker (iD9) suitable for iPad, iPad2 as well as for various models of iPhone’s, iPod’s. With a sleek and elegant design, you can place your iPad over the speaker[…]

Jambox Wireless Portable Speaker

Jambox Wireless Portable Speaker (with Bluetooth)

If you are looking to stream music from your smartphone or Tablet to a wireless portable speaker then you can order this Jawbone’s Jambox today. This is a wireless portable speaker that you can hand carry or place it anywhere in your home and hear to your favorite music. You are hassle free from wire[…]

Kinivo BTX110 smartphone speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Portable Smartphone Speaker from Kinivo BTX110

Kinivo’s BTX110 is one of the famous portable smartphone speaker in the market meant for this elegant look and feel. IT is Bluetooth enabled as well as comes with line-in port – so you can use it as a wireless speaker and also as a normal wired speaker. It is also compatible with almost all[…]

Diamond MSP100B Portable Smartphone Speaker

Diamond MSP100B Portable Smartphone Speaker

Today wе аrе lооkіng аt twо products thаt Diamond wаѕ showing оff аt thе Consumer Electronics Show а fеw weeks back. Thеу аrе thе Diamond XSTU21 Sound Tube аnd thе MSP100B Mini Rockers Mobile Speakers. Thеѕе twо devices аrе designed tо give thаt extra power аnd sound tо underpowered devices, ѕuсh аѕ MP3 players аnd[…]

Philips Fidelio DS8500

Speaker For Smartphones From Philips Fidelio DS8500 Speaker

Looking to hear the best audio out-off your smart phones ? Either you own a iPhone or any other smart phone or even with an iPod, you could rock now with Philips DS8500 speaker dock. This speaker dock works best with iPhone as well as iPod products and it works like an external speaker to[…]