5 Top Sport Cameras of 2015 Don’t Waste Your Time Anymore

Sport cameras are always a craze for adventurous people like you. Now-a-days, there are lot of models available in the market and making a buying decision is really tough. One of the important feature is, how do you mount these sport cameras? And, you will be expecting it to be waterproof, dust-proof and also, with a rigid body.

With all these expectations in mind, today I went through the online stores and identified few of the top sport cameras – from this list you may love-to-buy one. It helps you to take quick buying decision without much wasting your valuable time.

GoPro Hero


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  • The starting model from GoPro where you get 5 MegaPixel resolution with HD (1080p) video recording resolution.
  • This is also a waterproof camera with a built-in mono-MIC. You can take it inside water up to ~40 meters of depth.
  • It also has burst-shot feature so that it can automatically click 5 photos in a second – helpful to capture quick shots.
  • This camera can be easily wearable and also, mountable at any place. The quick-capture button immediately power ONs the camera and starts the recording itself.
  • You can also set it to capture automatic photos every ~30 seconds continuously.
  • Apart from this sport camera, you also get a free editing software GoPro Studio to perform many tricks with your captured video/photo before you share.

Watch the nice introduction video about GoPro Hero.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

One of the high-end model from GoPro is Hero4 Silver. This sport cam comes with 12 MegaPixel of higher resolution and more picture quality. It also support 1080p HD video recording with capture speed of 30 frames per second.gopro-hero4-silver

  • HiLight tagging feature helps to quickly add tags to your videos for easy reference/playback.
  • You can take this camera up to 40 meters inside water without any issues.
  • The display support touch screen and hence you can interact with this camera easier/quicker.
  • The NightPhoto and NightLapse feature helps you to photos on darker environment without much losing the picture quality.
  • This has Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity so transferring your videos/photos to your PC/Laptop will be easier.
  • It has a remote control that you can operate the camera from a ~180m distance without any issues.
  • You also get the GoPro App and studio software for free.

See what the users of GoPro Hero 4 are saying about it.

Here is the hands-on with Hero 4.

DBPOWER SJ4000 Sport Camera


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This is a 12-MegaPixel digital camera with HD video capture support (1080p resolution). It has 1.5″ LCD screen and you can wear this camera as well as easily mountable on snow boards, bikes, boats anywhere.

  • Interesting, this DBPower sport cam weighs only 50grams and its light weight to carry or even, when you wear it on your head.
  • It comes with 2-set of batteries and hence you can record/use the camera for double-the-time.
  • This camera has HDMI port so you can connect it to your HDTV or even projectors for photo/video playback.
  • It also has an USB port, standard A/V outputs.
  • Its waterproof up to 30meters depth.

A detailed review of DBPower sport camera:

Blusmart Sports camera [SJ4000]

Yet another HD (1080p) with 12 Megapixel and wide-angle lens sports camera. Its water resistance up to 30 meters depth.blusmart-sport-camera

You can add a SD card to expand the storage space up to 32 GB. It also has USB, HDMI for TV/Projector/PC connections. You can zoom the picture up to 4 times without losing the quality. The battery is removable and looks, you can keep it charging even when the camera is live.

Lets Unbox the Blusmart SJ4000, to understand better.

ANART Sport Camera

Yet another sport cam with WiFi connectivity. This is a HD camera supports resolution up to 1080p and you can continuously shoot for ~70 minutes (the battery stands good).

  • It has 170 degree fish-angle lens for wide photo capture.
  • The LCD screen measures 1.5″ size and also, waterproof.
  • It supports USB 2.0 and supports 11 different OSD languages.
  • You can change the photo mode between 2 MP to 12 MP for capturing variety quality of photos.
  • You can also set it to auto-shot with a self timer of 5-seconds or 10-seconds duration.
  • [amazon_link id=”B00RFNWHWY” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]This camera[/amazon_link] has lot of accessories, you can take a look on the below image.anart-camera-spc-01

Now Unboxing the ANART SJ4000 from pack.


GoPro, DBPower, Blusmart, ANART are the best selling top sport cameras in the market. Now the choice is yours, if you are really looking for a specialized cam then go for GoPro. At the same time, the other 3 models are worth for the money.

GoPro best suits, if you are going underwater as it can support up to 40 meters depth – better when compared to other models.

Vivicam Underwater Digital Camera 8400

Vivitar is one of the famous brand in camera market, they have range of digital cameras, video cams and related accessories. In the series of Vivitar’s Vivicam series, 8400 is one of the best underwater digital camera. If you are looking for a low cost underwater digital camera then you can go for this vivicam 8400. You can take this vivicam camera underwater up to 10 meters to capture pictures or to shoot videos.

Vivicam  Underwater Digital Camera - Model 8400

Vivicam Underwater Digital Camera - Model 8400

This vivicam camera has a water proof case and that prevents water to enter this camera. You can use the camera inside or around pool areas as well as on beaches while you dive or raft. It is also sand proof that you can use it hard underwater.

  • This is a 8.1MegaPixel digital camera which can capture high quality images of resolution up to 3264×2448 pixels.
  • You can also record videos on VGA (20 frames per second) format as well as QVGA (25 frames per second).
  • It has a built-in microphone that records the audio while you record video.
  • You can zoom the capture up to 8x times (digital zoom).
  • When you look for camera modes, you get White balance with different modes like Auto, Cloudy, Day light, fluorescent etc.
  • You can put the Flash mode to Auto, ON, OFF like any other regular digital camera.
  • It has a self timer that can shot your pictures on 10 seconds, 20 seconds interval with 3 frame continuous slot.
  • The live LCD display measures 2.4″ (TFT made) with auto focus lens (ranges 150cms to infinity).
  • Through the USB port, you can connect this vivicam digital camera to your PC for copying pictures, videos anytime, it is compatible with windows PC/Laptops (xp, vista, 2k).
  • There is a video out port through which you can watch the video, pictures on bigger screen TV.
  • It runs with 2xAA (1.5V) battery that you can replace anytime.
  • See what the users are saying [amazon_link id=”B001PKCK2A” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]about this Vivicam 8400 underwater camera[/amazon_link].

It has a built-in 64MB flash memory and also, you can expand the storage up to 8 GB with the help of SD card memory. It measures 4.5″x1.5″x3″ in size and weighs 12 ounces only.

Technical Specification.

  • 8.1 MegaPixel underwater digital camera
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters underwater
  • Supports 8x digital Zoom with F=3.1 lens
  • White balance: Auto, cloudy, fluorescent, daylight
  • Flash mode: auto, ON, OFF
  • Electronic Shutter 1/20 to 1/6000 seconds
  • Self Timer support (10, 20 secs)
  • Continuous frame capture (3 frame shot)
  • LCD display 2.4″ TFT
  • Video output Port, USB port
  • Compatible with Windows xp, 2k, vista
  • Runs on 2xAA (1.5V) Batteries
  • Image resolution: up to 3264×2448 pixels
  • Video resolution: VGA, QVGA (20, 25 fps)
  • Size: 4.5″x1.5″x3″
  • Weight: 12 ounces

The below demo video shows the Vivcam underwater digital camera on action.

official: vivicam

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera Review

This is a Panasonic’s Lumix waterproof digital camera which comes in 4 different colors: red, orange, silver, blue. A compact size digital camera that you can take inside water to capture pictures or use it in pool areas or while raining. At 12.1 MegaPixel and with 4.6x zoom, you can capture high quality pictures both indoor or outdoor, it comes with a built-in 28mm wide angle lens. With all the features of a digital camera, you can use it for personal purpose as well as professionally to capture pictures underwater.

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera

Display and Modes.

  • The display is LCD based Screen measures 2.7″ in size with wide viewing angle as well as anti-reflection coated.
  • You can capture pictures on bright environment or with sunlight you can focus better without reflections.
  • It supports full HD video recording (up to 1080p video format) and has the capability to encode Dolby Digital audio.
  • With LED light, you can shoot pictures/videos even in dark environments. You can capture sharp and clear pictures on almost all environments from night to daylight and from low shoot angle to high shoot angle.

This Lumix waterproof digital camera works in different modes like: Underwater mode, 3D Photo mode, Sports, Snow etc.

  • It has the support to produce 3D image by capturing multiple pictures (around 20 shots) and automatically renders into a 3D image. It actually combines the images to bring in 3D effect in accordance with right eye as well as left eye.
  • You can also playback those 3D images on any 3D enabled HDTV, photo frames etc.

Sharing, Shutter and Technology.

It comes with an Image uploader that helps you to share the captured images and video files. Just connect the digital camera to your PC/Laptop or only the memory card to copy the pictures/videos and share in on facebook, YouTube etc. You can also setup to perform automatic uploads.

  • Apart from waterproof nature, this Lumix digital camera is Dustproof as well as shockproof. You can setup the shutter release speed as low as 0.005 seconds (powered by Sonic Speed AF technology).
  • With Intelligent Resolution technology, you can capture high quality underwater pictures, this technology processes the image pixel-by-pixel and makes them error free.
  • It also supports Face Recognition, AF Tracking, Intelligent Exposure etc.
Red color model

Red color model

GPS & Other Features.

  • Interestingly, this digital camera supports GPS and has the capability to note down the location from where pictures are captured. It has built-in data to find real name of the location which covers ~203 countries.
  • When GPS enabled, it also adjusts the clock according to the location by adjusting the GMT offset.
Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS - Side View

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS - Side View

You can playback the pictures, videos on your 3DTV/HDTV, digital photo frames or even send to printers. It has image stabilization technology which helps to capture pictures while you move/shake. You can also organize the pictures, videos based on the time/date as well as search them by location names – the Photo fun studio HD helps to manage it.

  • This Lumix digital camera is dropproof that you can drop from 2.0m height and prevents the lens unit from damage, a supplementary damper protects it.
  • You can also take this camera to work even on low temperatures as low as -10 degrees C.

See the pros and cons of this [amazon_link id=”B004KKZ0KG” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Panasonic Lumix Waterproof digital camera[/amazon_link] before you place an Order.


  • 12.1 MegaPixel Hi Speed CCD Support
  • 2.7″ LCD screen with LED light
  • Supports HD video capture (up to 1920×1080)
  • Waterproof (40 feet), Dustproof, Shockproof, Dropproof (6.6 feet)
  • Freezeproof up to -10 degrees C low temperature
  • Built-in 28mm wide angle lens
  • Outdoor modes: Underwater, Beach, snow, sports etc.
  • Sonic Speed AF, shutter speed up to 0.005 seconds
  • Built-in GPS and updates location name
  • Built-in Compass, Barometer, Altimeter
  • Face detection, Face recognition, Image Stabilization etc.
  • 3D image capture and playback
  • Anti-Reflective coated display screen
  • SD SDHC SDXC based memory cards support
  • Integrated Image Uploader
  • Photo fun studio HD software

Video Reviews.

See the Lumix waterproof camera in action under water.

Another video doing the waterproof/underwater test.

official: lumix waterproof

Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Kodak is one of the best digital camera maker in this world. They are specialized in variety of digital cameras right from high definition video cams to low end digital cameras. The Kodak water proof digital camera is one among their list and already selling a lot on Amazon.

The Kodak PlaySport series has the water proof capability and also, dust proof, shock proof. It also comes with High Definition (HD) support and it has on-camera editing options. The video resolution supports up to 1080p (Full HD) and as a still camera, it supports up to 5MP HD picture capture.

Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera

Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera

It is water proof capable up to 10 feet under water and it could stand underwater for up to 2 hours continuously. It has the capability to capture colorful images under water without loosing the original quality of picture. You could use this digital camera in a dustiest location without any problems. It is shock proof, when thrown from a 5 FT height say, from your own hand.

The video resolution 1080p is full HD enabled and it supports 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio. Further, you could connect this digital camera to any HDMI supported HDTV and watch the videos on full screen without loosing the picture quality.

It has 720p support (with both 60 frames per second as well as 30 frames per second) especially for the trick play operations (like slow forward or slow rewind). It has expandable memory slot and supports up to 32 GB of storage. You could do video recording up to 10 hours continuously (of HD video).

The LCD display is smooth and it adjusts the brightness according to its environment. It also allows to capture still picture from the recorded HD video. The share button helps you to quickly share the captured video or pictures with simple steps – you could send the picture as an e-mail and also, copy it to any storage destination.

Further, you could tag your captures on Kodak Gallery, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

Kodak Digital Camera - Package

Kodak Digital Camera - Package

  • It has 1/3.2 type sensor, 48 mm lens (supporting 1080p), 36 mm lens (supporting 720p).
  • It has a built-in microphone and speaker.
  • It has 1 USB 2.0 port, AV output, HDMI connectivity.
  • It comes with 1/4″ standard Tripod mounting and Li-ion rechargeable battery.

This digital camera and its software are compatible with both PC and Mac systems. The package contains the following items:

  • Kodak Digital Camera (PlaySport)
  • Adapter and cable for charging
  • Wrist strap(Floating wrist strap)
  • Remote control
  • 1 HDMI, Tripod, USB slot, AV out
  • 8GB memory card (expandable up to 32 GB)
  • User Manual/Guide
  • Kodak Share Button App
  • more information on [amazon_link id=”B004FLL5BI” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]Kodak Waterproof digital camera (zx5)[/amazon_link]….

The following video shows a detailed video review of this Kodak waterproof digital camera.

official: kodak playsport

ACT2K Waterproof Action Cam – Buy Now

ACT2K Waterproof Action Cam

ACT2K Waterproof Action Cam

When you are really crazy about adventure shooting or if you want to go beyond your regular video shooting, you must try ACT2K Action cam. This is a waterproof action packed camera, designed specially for people like you. Its more of rough-and-tough cam, which you could connect to any damn place. Say, connect it to you bike or car and you could roam around hardly, this action cam does everything perfectly for you.

ACT2K is a waterproof camera which you could keep up to 3 meters under water without wearing any case. It is a hands-free camera which performs digital recording on the VGA resolution (640×480) at the rate of 30 frames per second, to present at least viewable quality video. It comes with a USB interface and RCA cables, you could connect it to your PC or a TV. Once connected, you could playback the recorded content any time and copy the content to other media’s as you prefer. It operates with 2 AA type batteries and never worry of taking a charger always with you. It has built-in low range memory storage of only 32 MB and you could add extra memory to it up to 2 GB supported.

The Action cam pack, contains: a carrying case to keep the camera safe and portable, mounting accessories which helps to fit the cam for shooting (even on a helmet). This ACT2K Waterproof action cam is compatible with both PC and Mac based systems.

Find more information about [amazon_link id=”B000F5FKHI” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]ACT2K Action cam and price details[/amazon_link].

  • I would conclude like: If you are expecting to buy a low cost, yet okay kind of action cam then you could prefer ACT2K. Note that, it doesn’t supports HD quality video and there are HD action cams (like [amazon_link id=”B002VA57XC” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]GoPro HD[/amazon_link]) available in the market.

ACT2K cam On-Action

The following action packed videos (looks great) are captured using this ACT2K cam as a test.

4 Top Underwater Digital Cameras – Quick Compare

Underwater digital cameras are already famous in the market especially for the people who are passionate about photography underwater :) That’s a challenging domain of photography and interesting too. When you take your digital camera underwater, how it works ? and how it accommodates to water ? How about picture quality ? There are so many questions which will come to your mind, when you decide to buy one.

This article is to help peoples by suggesting the list of best selling underwater digital cameras. I have seen Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Casio are the best selling underwater digital cameras. These are branded models and comparatively better than local branded cheaper digital cameras.

Lets get into it…

#1 FujiFilm FinePix.

FinePix comes in 2 models: XP10 and Z33WP.

  • First, XP10 is a 12 MegaPixel Waterproof digital camera. It has 5x periscopic Optical Zoom lens and capable of capturing movies in 720p High Definition format along with audio. It comes with 4-way protection gives you waterproof, freeze proof, shockproof and dust proof. It comes in 3 different colors Green, Silver, Black.
  • Z33WP is another model from Fuji which has 3x optical zoom and it is a 10 MegaPixel Waterproof digital camera. It comes in 2 different colors, Green and Black. Both of these model has 2.7″ LCD screen.
Fuji Finepix

Fuji Finepix

#2 Panasonic Lumix DMC.

Lumix DMC is the model released by Panasonic and it is a 14.1 MegaPixel waterproof digital camera.

  • It has 4.6x Optical image stabilized (OIS) zooming lens and supports High Definition recording.
  • It weights 1.2 pounds and like Fuji it comes with Water, Freeze, Shock and Dust proof.
  • It comes with an automatic controlled LED light which switches ON itself at dark places.

The OIS feature makes the digital camera more hand-shake proof. It comes with different colors like Blue, Silver, Orange, Yellow. There is another model from Panasonic that is Lumix DMC-TS1 (12 MP) digital camera.

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic Lumix

#3 Olympus Stylus Tough.

Style Tough 6020 is a 14 MegaPixel which is waterproof (up to 10 ft), shock & freeze proof digital camera.

  • It comes with 5x wide angle zoom lens and measures 2.7″ LCD display screen.
  • It is capable of recording video at High Definition format 720p and it has Dual Image Stabilization which compensates any camera shake while taking shots.
  • Further to mention, it comes with Advanced Face Detection, Shadow Adjustment features.

Stylus Tough 8010, 6000, 3000 are few other models from Olympus.

Olympus Stylus Tough

Olympus Stylus Tough

#4 Casio Exilim.

I see like Exilim EX-G1 is the only underwater digital camera from Casio. It comes with 12.1 MegaPixel and 3x optical zoon lens. The lens are multi coated, water-repellent and prevents any light reflections while you capture. It is made of stainless steel body and its dust, freeze, shock proof like other digital cameras.

The LCD panel is thicker when compared to normal digital cameras and hence stands from water pressure. It captures wide screen video (16:9 formatted) and the resolution supported is 848×480 pixels. It comes in 2 different colors: Red, Black.

Casio Exilim

Casio Exilim

Apart from these Pentax Optio W90, WS80 are few of the other models that you could check. Finally, these are the top brands of underwater digital cameras and they a comparatively having same set of features. I would suggest you to go by the brand that you more love to use.

  • Generally, we don’t change digital cameras very often (at least will be using it for 2 years) so i would suggest you to take the highest available configuration (ie.,14 MegaPixel models) !