5 Top Sport Cameras of 2015 Don’t Waste Your Time Anymore

Sport cameras are always a craze for adventurous people like you. Now-a-days, there are lot of models available in the market and making a buying decision is really tough. One of the important feature is, how do you mount these sport cameras? And, you will be expecting it to be waterproof, dust-proof and also, with[…]

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera

Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera Review

This is a Panasonic’s Lumix waterproof digital camera which comes in 4 different colors: red, orange, silver, blue. A compact size digital camera that you can take inside water to capture pictures or use it in pool areas or while raining. At 12.1 MegaPixel and with 4.6x zoom, you can capture high quality pictures both[…]

Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera

Kodak Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Kodak is one of the best digital camera maker in this world. They are specialized in variety of digital cameras right from high definition video cams to low end digital cameras. The Kodak water proof digital camera is one among their list and already selling a lot on Amazon. The Kodak PlaySport series has the[…]

ACT2K Waterproof Action Cam

ACT2K Waterproof Action Cam – Buy Now

When you are really crazy about adventure shooting or if you want to go beyond your regular video shooting, you must try ACT2K Action cam. This is a waterproof action packed camera, designed specially for people like you. Its more of rough-and-tough cam, which you could connect to any damn place. Say, connect it to[…]

Fuji Finepix

4 Top Underwater Digital Cameras – Quick Compare

Underwater digital cameras are already famous in the market especially for the people who are passionate about photography underwater That’s a challenging domain of photography and interesting too. When you take your digital camera underwater, how it works ? and how it accommodates to water ? How about picture quality ? There are so many[…]