Review of WaterProof UE MEGABOOM speaker with Bluetooth

This is one of the WaterProof speaker with Bluetooth connectivity – its wireless and you can keep in your hand. UE MEGABOOK looks like a cylinder and the sound comes from all sides, its a 360 degree sound bar.waterproof-ue-megaboom-on-shower

It can be chargeable and you can carry it for longer duration. It weighs just ~1.9 pounds only, like a water bottle. Inside your home, on-party halls, outside your home, on-pool side, rain dance – anywhere you can blast music with this UE MEGABOOM.

If you are freaky fellow, go for it. Its waterproof up to 1m and stands there for up to ~30 minutes.


Detailed Review of WaterProof UE MEGABOOM.

With 360 degree sound, this speaker can be kept anywhere as you like. With Bluetooth, you can connect your Smartphones also to it and play your favorite musics. Bluetooth connection ranges up to 100 ft.

It works with both Android based devices as well as iPhone.

  • It has bass effect and the volume control is effectively managed through the Equalizer Interface from your Smartphone App (available for both Android and iPhone).
  • The App comes with How To guide, Alarm setup, Volume and Equalizer controls etc.

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  • It allows to connect multi-devices that means you can connect two Smartphones and play on it.
  • It has the Bluetooth pairing button and Power button at the top of the speaker.
  • You can also use it as a speaker phone to attent phone calls (hands-free) with your Smartphone.
  • Charging can be done through the standard microUSB port – you can see it on the bottom. The charge stands up to 20 hours.
  • It also has the regular 3.5mm stereo jack to directly plug-in any other audio devices (say, a MP3 player, a Blu-ray Player).
  • It comes with a camera like mount, if you don’t want to hand-carry always.
  • It is also compatible with NFC supported devices for playback.

Video Review of UE MEGABOOM.

Watch the Bluetooth enabled outdoor action of UE-MEGABOOM, it also shows how to use the App to setup this speaker.

Yet another sound comparison video, to understand how it competes with other models.

Official here, you can see all the specifications from [amazon_link id=”B00TXBOWVA” rel=”” target=”_blank” ]here[/amazon_link].

Playbar Wireless [Streaming] Speaker Review From Sonos

Sonos is top notch in the wireless multi-room speaker sector. The latest offering from Sonos, the Playbar is guaranteed to increase its spread from mere speakers to an entire sound bar for your TV!

Aimed at complimenting your Flat Screen TV with theater like sound effects, the Playbar delivers music from around the planet through phone and tablet apps like Spotify.

Finally, a breakthrough for music lovers who have been eagerly waiting for Sonos to spice up their telly experience!

Here’s review of Sonos’s Playbar Wireless (streaming) speaker top-to-bottom and [amazon_link id=”B00AEMGGU2″ rel=”” target=”_blank” ]place your order from Amazon[/amazon_link].Playbar Wireless Speaker

Playbar Wireless Speaker Review

Speakers finally make it to the coveted spot of honor with the Playbar. This sound bar has been smartly designed to catch a viewer’s attention-over the gigantic TV sprawling all over your living room. The bar has been designed to blend in with its surrounding yet hold its own with a matte casing and rounded corners. Playbar Wireless Speaker with Streaming

Compact, the sound bar can be placed almost anywhere without disturbing your current setup.

  • The Playbar from Sonos has an Ethernet port, power slot and an optical audio in.
  • It also features three volume pairing buttons. Underneath the hood, are nine solid thumping speaker, three tweeters and six midrange located under the mesh for a uniform audio spread.
  • No matter where you place the bar, it detects its position with an inbuilt accelerometer.
  • Once detected, the Playbar recalibrates the speakers to suit its new position and provide good audio output.
  • The best feature of the Playbar is its ability to get on the same network as your other Sonos speakers for a multiroom setup.

The config is simple. Adjust the bridge to pairing mode and hold the volume and pairing buttons on the Playbar. The device from Sonos can connect to and play from your MP3 music collection using the Controller’s Spotify app.

It also features an internet radio. Another great feature is the lack of an additional remote. The Playbar uses youth TV’s remote and its Controller app to play music.

Playbar Wireless Speaker Output

Without your TV on, just the music library running gives you a good idea about the quality of audio output you are getting for your efforts. Inside look shows all the speakers of playbar

  • Brilliant! Loud, clear, sharp sound that does not wobble at high or low frequencies.
  • Good depth to the output especially when using the Sonos Sub.
  • The Playbar adjusts the frequency levels when the Sub is being used so that the bass is in control and does not drown everything else. With the TV on though, it is a whole new ball game with thee surround sound effect!

The wireless multi-room setup goes a long way in adding a new layer of sound output from the TV.


If you are a die hard music fan, and an avid movie buff, go for it! Fantastic surround sound, you forget all else when enveloped in a vortex of sounds and music. On the higher rung in the pricing ladder, the price is justified though.

A device that can be placed just about anywhere and still gives you the same audio effect is worth your money and all your time in front of the telly!

The unboxing video of playbar wireless speaker.

Yet another detailed speaker review and notes on setup !

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