Meditation Gadget Muse How this Headband Senses Your Brain? Review

Do you meditate? Do you want to keep your mind always relaxed? Do you love to live peacefully? Of course, everyone wants to be live peace. However, if you are really interested in meditation – you can consider this meditation gadget from Muse. Don’t believe, how it helps you to do meditation? In this article,[…]

Jambox Wireless Portable Speaker

Jambox Wireless Portable Speaker (with Bluetooth)

If you are looking to stream music from your smartphone or Tablet to a wireless portable speaker then you can order this Jawbone’s Jambox today. This is a wireless portable speaker that you can hand carry or place it anywhere in your home and hear to your favorite music. You are hassle free from wire[…]

Topology of dylink

Home Monitor Camera from dylink (Wireless, Night recording Support)

Going out-of-home ? on a vacation or just going to your office ? – worried about your home security ? worried about what your kids are doing in home ? If yes, then you are in the right page today. I am going to introduce a brand new home monitor camera which monitors your home[…]


LINSAY Android MP3 Player (V-5HD)

With the inception of Android operating system, the smart phones, Tablets and even MP3 players are getting new shape. Yes, now-a-days MP3 players are loaded with Android which enables you much of the smart features into every gadget ! Right from touch screen to sliding menus, enhanced performance all with the inception of Android into[…]

Hipe Bluetooth Streaming, Water Proof Speaker

Bluetooth Streaming Music Speaker (iPhone 4S Siri Compatible)

Now you can interact with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone or device through this speaker. Either its streaming music or if you want to command the iPhone’s Siri – just do all these with a single press of phone button. The Hipe Bluetooth speaker is a hands-free one that you can place or even hang[…]

Elsse Tablet PC

Elsse Tablet PC (with WiFi, Android)

Putting tоgеthеr уоur laptop, MP3 аnd MP4- уоu gеt thіѕ HD dynamic Tablet. Enjoy thе fastest Wi-Fi networks wіth thіѕ Wi-Fi Tablet аѕ іt automatically locates thе аvаіlаblе networks; Thе 800-by-480 pixel resolution displays crystal clear images оn thе 7-inch screen оf thе Tablet – watch уоur movies, videos, аnd TV shows crisper thаn before.[…]

Diamond MSP100B Portable Smartphone Speaker

5 Best Portable Speakers For Smartphone (and Tablet PC)

Now-a-days smartphones are part of our life and day-to-day activities. You could not live without smart phones and people are running crazy for new smartphones coming into the market. They are famous for the handy features which helps a normal user as well as high-end business users in doing lot of activities simpler. More than[…]

Wireless Keyword for Xbox 360 from Microsoft

Best Wireless Keyboard For Xbox 360

At јuѕt оvеr а foot long аnd lеѕѕ thаn аn inch thick, thе Microsoft Arc Keyboard іѕ thе perfect companion whіlе you’re playing уоur Xbox 360, chatting online аt thе kitchen table, оr working аt уоur office desk. Compact аnd portable, thе wireless keyboard саn easily bе stowed іn а coffee-table drawer whеn nоt іn[…]